• Racing Cap(Archbishop) cap not working

    • Item Name: Racing Cap(Archbishop)
      Item ID: 19197
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Should give the effects mentioned in the description of the item.


      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed


    1. Matk bonus not giving bonus, regardless of refinement:

    before equiping:


    after equipping:



    2.  Bonus damage to Duple Light not given, even with lvl10 Mace Mastery

    Before equipping:


    after equipping:


    still same Duple Light damage. 1155

    even though my Mace Mastery is level 10.



    P.S. Kindly check also the Adoramus autocast for +11 and above. Most likely its not working. Cannot provide provide screenshots because i still dont have the +11 cap.


    Thank you!

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    managed to get it to +12. 😃

    However, after more than 5 minutes, proc of adoramus is nowhere to be seen.



    also aspd bonus not working. Please fix it. Thanks!

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    the other effects are working now, but the boost for duple light damage is still not working.


    before equipping: damage of Duple light around 1k


    after equipping: damage of duple light around 1200 (damage increase just because of the +matk from the headgear)


    damage increase for duple light should be +50%, since i have level 10 mace mastery.

    ps. can you tell us the proc rate for the adoramus? thanks!



    Edited by Hogar

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