• Pororoca Shoes does not bypass MDEF by level of Frost Nova * 5%

    • Item Name: Pororoca Shoes
      Item ID: 22104
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Pororoca Shoes should bypass MDEF of target. That is 5% MDEF per level of Frost Nova if player is equipped with La'cryma Stick


      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    When I have no Frost Nova the damage was this:


    When I learned Lvl 10 Frost Nova, 50% of Target's MDEF was not bypassed. The damage remained on the same range as having no Frost Nova:


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    @Yuuki, the MDEF of Lvl 150 Egg is 158. And if it bypasses enemy MDEF, why only 10%?

    Pororoca Shoes


    From the script:

    1 bonus bMdef,15;
    bonus bMaxHPrate,3+7*(getrefine()>=5)+10*(getrefine()>=7);
    bonus bMaxSPrate,3+7*(getrefine()>=5)+10*(getrefine()>=7);
    bonus bMatkRate,2+3*(getrefine()>=5)+5*(getrefine()>=7);
    bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Water,2+3*(getrefine()>=5)+5*(getrefine()>=7);
    skill "SA_DELUGE",5;
    { bonus2 bAddEle,Ele_Water,4*getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_HAND_R);
    bonus bIgnoreMdefRate,getskilllv("WZ_FROSTNOVA");
    bonus2 bSkillAtk,"WZ_WATERBALL",30*getskilllv("WZ_WATERBALL")+20*getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_HAND_R);

    That bonus should be bonus bIgnoreMdefRate,5*getskilllv("WZ_FROSTNOVA");

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    158 mdef is around 52.2% magic damage reduction. With 50% mdef bypass it should be around 40% magic damage reduction. You should use recognized magic to lower the variance for more concise result.

    Mdef scaling sucks tbh. Its utterly ridiculous.

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    Being one of the hardest items to make in the game, can we please make it work like it should? (and spelled like it should would be nice too)

    Exhibit A : Priest with 120 Hard MDEF (ASSUMP)


    Exhibit B : Warlock with Pororoca and Level 10 Frost Nova dealing 7635 dmg (Recognized Spell)


    Exhibit 3 : Warlock with exact same items, and 0 Frost Nova dealing 7246 dmg


    I'm not great at ROmath, but 50% MDEF bypass on 120 MDEF does not sound like <400 dmg variance.

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