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    Katar Shadow Set Completely NOT WORKING

    • Item Name: Katar Shadow Equipment Costume Set
      Item ID: 24539
      Item Correct Behavior:
      • The chance to proc the 10% critical damage and 10% damage to all enemy size at item refine level of +6 and below of Katar Shadow Weapon.
      • The bonus Critical Damage from Katar Shadow Pendant should give 5% at refine level +1 below. Additional 1% per 2 refine rate. (e.g. 8% Critical dmg at refine level +6)
      • The Bonus Physical Damage (%) to all enemy sizes from Katar Shadow Earring should give 5% at refine level +1 and below. Additional 1% per 2 refine rate. (e.g. 8% Bonus Physical dmg to all enemy size at refine level +6)
      • The Defense ignore mechanic of Katar Shadow Weapon + Guillotine Cross Shadow Shield at minimum base of 40% at refine levels +0 on each piece. The additional defense rate ignore equal to the sum of refine rate of Katar shadow weapon and Guillotine Cross Shadow Shield (e.g. additional 12% defense ignore at refine levels +5 and +7 respectively).
      • The ATK bonus from wearing the whole Katar Shadow set ( Weapon, Earring, Pendant ) together as a sum of the refine rate of the set. (e.g. bonus 17 ATK at sum refine rate of 17 from the 3 pieces respectively : +5 katar shadow weapon, +6 katar shadow earring, +6 katar shadow pendant).
      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    First of all the stat bonuses of the item(s) does not work at all as it should.

    None of the bonuses, damage buffs, status buffs, stats are working at all. Basically same as not wearing any of the item pieces. Whether wearing the item pieces 1 by 1, or as a set (3-piece) it gives no bonuses to the character's status/damage.







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    On 2/10/2020 at 7:40 AM, Emistry said:

    Changed Status to Fixed

    thanks emi! been waiting for this to be fixed for a while now. as well as the jobstone! haha!

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