• Jewelry Ant & Ungoliant card combo doesnt add 30% neutral magic

    • Item Name: Jewelry Ant Card
      Item ID: 300006
      Item Correct Behavior:


      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    1. checking @battlestats, wearing Monocle of Vitality (Ungoliant Card) + MIR of Pyschic (Jewelry Ant Card) it doesn't add up by 30%. 


    2. Testing actual damage at Dummy Egg and comparing damage with double Dwigh Card (Dwigh 20% Neutral & Shadow Magic). For this test im using Comet (Neutral Property Magic) with Recognized Spell buff.

        I. Using Dwigh Magician Glove, Dwigh MIR damage = 27240


      II. Using Dwigh Magician Glove, Monocle (Ungoliant Card) + MIR (Jewelry Ant Card) damage = 23480



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