• Is it just me or warrior's balmung's effect is just like as it is (54 aspd bug?)

    • Item Name: Warrior's Balmung
      Item ID: 1533
      Item Correct Behavior:

      it says +5 to all stats


      but gets aspd back to 73 or something (sorry couldn't edit the title)




      Screenshot & Proof: Closed

    73 aspd on my GC when equipped

    188 aspd after going back on dagger

    174 aspd after equipping normal 1 handed sword


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    Update: I did some testing on my own:



    Bare-hand - 176

    W.Balmung - 60

    1-H Rod - 174



    Bare-hand - 184

    W.Balmung - 53

    Bow - 182

    Dagger - 182



    Bare-hand - 171

    W.Balmung - 21

    1-H Rod - 168

    Dagger - 165


    Rune Knight:

    Bare-hang - 185

    W.Balmung - 184

    1-H Sword - 181

    Mace - 183


    Arch Bishop:

    Bare-hand - 184

    W.Balmung - 185

    Mace - 184

    1-H Rod - 176


    The same with other classes. Warrior's Balmung acts like a Mace-1H-Sword Hybrid. Classes that have a positive aspd modifier for Mace/1-H Sword benefit from W.Balmung, but classes that can't wear Maces/1-H Sword have a large aspd penalty.


    Scratch my first reply, I don't think this is a bug. But since it can be equipped by all classes, and not all classes can wear Mace/1-H Sword, some classes will get the maximum aspd penalty.


    If someone can post the Class-Weapon-type ASPD modifiers that's be great. I can't seem to find it.


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