• Invalid Lord of The Dead Helm script

    • Item Name: Lord of The Dead Helm
      Item ID: 18574
      Item Correct Behavior:

      This is the correct script should be:

      1 bonus bMdef,5; 
      bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Boss,10+(getrefine()>5?(getrefine()-5):0)+(isequipped(4140)*5); 
      isequipped(4140)?((getrefine()>10?(bonus2 bSubRace,RC_NonBoss,0):(bonus2 bSubRace,RC_NonBoss,-5)):(bonus2 bSubRace,RC_NonBoss,-5));


      refer the description from ratemyserver only (I didn't copy the script from there, the script above I wrote it myself)


      (NOTE: It seems like the script on ratemyserver still wrong and not complete too, it is missing the set bonus parts)

      LOD in iro.png

      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    I realized that Lord of The Dead Helm does damage to bosses lower than it should be, even if I was combo with Abysmal knight card.

    Current script now : 

    1 bonus bMdef,5; 

    ----> MDEF +5  (this is correct)


    bonus2 bAddRace,RC_Boss,10+(getrefine()>5?(getrefine()-5):0)+isequipped(4140); 

    ---->  Increase Damage to Boss Type Monsters by 10% For every upgrade above +5, add 1% more damage to Boss monsters. (this is correct)

    Set Bonus If equip Abysmal Knight Card Increase Damage to Boss Type Monster by additional 1%. (this wrong it should be 5%)


    bonus2 bSubRace,RC_NonBoss,-5+(isequipped(4140)*(getrefine()>6));

    ----> Take 5% more damage from normal Monsters and Players. (this is correct partially)

    Set Bonus If equip Abysmal Knight Card and If refine more than +6, increase damage from normal Monsters and Players 1% per 1 refine. (this is all wrong)


    Reference script on limitro web


    LOD helm at limitro.png

    Edited by shinrei

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    The kRo item description for this item does not mention set bonus effects:

    18574 죽은 자의 투구[1]

    죽은 자의 주인이 쓰고 있는 투구를 본따 만든 것.
    All State + 1, MDEF + 5.
    보스몬스터에게 주는 물리공격력 10% 증가.
    일반 몬스터에게 받는 데미지 5% 증가.
    제련도 5부터 제련도당 보스몬스터에게 주는 물리공격력 1% 씩 증가.
    계열 : 투구 방어 : 10
    위치 : 상중단 무게 : 100
    요구 레벨 : 70
    장착 : 전직업

    I'll remove the set bonus effects.

    Current bonus is missing All Stat+1 so I'll add it.


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    The rule of thumb for items here is:

    If the version of items exist on kRO, we will follow kRO. Unless the item is exclusive to other servers like jRO or iRO, then we will for their version. With very few exceptions.

    For this HG however, looks like the HG still uses iRO's description for some reason. So, need to change the description for it as well.

    @Lai Please change the description to the following and remove the bonus part.


    The Helm of the Lord of Death
    MDEF +5, All Stats +1
    Increase Damage to Boss Type Monsters by 10%
    Take 5% more damage from normal Monsters and Players.
    For every upgrade above +5, add 1% more damage to Boss monsters.

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