• Immune Shield +7 and +9 Bonus In Description

    • Item Name: Immune Shield
      Item ID: 2168
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Immune Shield correct description:


      2168 Immune Shield [1]

      2168 Very unique, square formed shield with a special jewel on it which protects from physical power.
      If upgraded to +5 or higher, increases 1% of tolerance against Neutral attack. (The tolerance increase is limited to refine level 12) per refine level.
      If upgraded to +7 increased tolerance against Neutral by 5%
      If upgraded to +9 or higher increases tolerance to Water, Earth, Fire, and Wind by 5%
      Class : Shield
      Defense : 55
      Weight : 70
      Required Level : 1
      Job : All


      kRO description:

      2168 이뮨드 쉴드 [1]

      2168 스퀘어형태의 독특한 쉴드. 물리적인 힘을 방어하는데 특화된 보석이 박혀있다.
      5제련 이상 시, 1제련 당 무속성 공격에 대한 내성 1% 증가.(증가량은 12제련까지 적용)
      7제련 시 무속성 공격에 대한 내성 5% 추가, 9제련 시 수,풍,지,화 내성 5% 추가.
      계열 : 방패 방어 : 55
      무게 : 70
      요구 레벨 : 1
      장착 : 전직업


      Item Script in limitRO database has the correct bonus tho

      1 if(getrefine()>=5) { bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Neutral,((getrefine()>12?12:getrefine())-4)+(5*(getrefine()>=7)); } 
      if(getrefine()>=9) { bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Water,5; bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Wind,5; bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Earth,5; bonus2 bSubEle,Ele_Fire,5; }


      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    In-game description of Immune Shield don't include their bonus.

    Also, can I get a confirmation if the +7/+9 bonus is working?



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