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    Immortal Dog Tag Bug

    • Item Name: Immortal Dog Tag
      Item ID: 32204
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Only effects that should stack are +50 atk and +50 matk

      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed


    2 Dog tags equipped. Crit is 194


    1 Dog Tag is equipped, crit is 144:



    Observation: Seems like both dog tags are adding +50 crit.

    Which is an INCORRECT behavior.

    As per usual, all the scripts that say "when combined with" fire only once per items involved.

    Since there is only one lindy hop, only one dog tag should have an effect.

    My assumption is that either:

    1) Each slot occupied by lindy hop counts as its own item and right now that allows both dog tags to proc their combo effects

    2) Dog tags have their effects not put in the combo.


    Only effects that should stack for any of the items (sunflowerboy, jdr, lindy) are the +50 atk and +50 matk.


    Edit: For transparency sake. All the tests were done on the test server which has a different amount of stat points available from the main server, meaning differences in stat distribution. However, this character gear-wise was almost identical to my current one therefore irrelevant gears were obfuscated.

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    hopefully made it to to left side.  magician glove and blacksmith glove is right side and its useless if dogtag is on right aswell. there are fewer or none at all left side specific acce slots. >.<

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