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    Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow+Illusion Apple of Archer Combo Bugged

    • Item Name: Illusion Huuma Fluttering Snow
      Item ID: 13337
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Item states:

      When equipped with Illusion Apple O' Archer, reduce variable casting time by 15%.
      If refine rate of both are 7 or higher, increase damage of Swirling Petal by 15%.
      If the sum of refine rate is 18 or higher, add an additional damage of Swirling Petal by 15%.
      If the sum of refine rate is 22 or higher, reduce cooldown of Swirling Petal by 1 second.


      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    Item is not reducing variable cast time when equipped with 19210.pngIllusion Apple of Archer [1]


    Item is not reducing cooldown of the skill swirling petal when both items are refined to +11 or higher

    I compared the cd of the skill swirling petal with the illusion set and with the rockridge set which does thesame thing, using an app sandals to get rid of most of the aftercast. With the rockridge set, the skill only had aftercast, with the illusion set it had a cooldown.



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    Refine bonuses don't seem to be working, swirling petal still has a cool down when using the set refined to +16 on the test servers.

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