• Doanation CE refine bonus

    • Item Name: Dark Lord Helm
      Item ID: 31144
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Bonus is given till +12 then it doesn't give bonus at +15 (should give +1 every 3 refine) I'm using uranus gemstone.
      So 3*(+1) from gemstone + 5*(+1) from +15 refine should give me +8 all stats not +7



      Screenshot & Proof: Closed


    User Feedback

    But the DPCE's should only give +4 total stats tho, even at +15. Since the bonus stops working at +12.

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    Changed Status to Closed

    The donation CE refine bonus is giving up to +12 as the description says.

    Even if you have +15 it doesnt matter.

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