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    Costume Wings

    • Item Name: Pheonix Wings and many more
      Item ID: 14134
      Item Correct Behavior:

      Describe the correct behavior of this Item. 

      The wings should be showed at your back once you equip it for both Soul Reaper and Star Emperor.

      Screenshot & Proof: Closed

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...

    I preview the wings in Asgard ex. Phoenix Wings


    Same with Seraphin Wings


    I even test it in the Test server, same issue with Soul Reaper.

    These are the other wings 

    14159 Bloody Wings
    14160 Crystal Wings
    14164 Gundam Wing
    14144 Gold Cupid Wings
    14135 Saraphin Wings
    14134 Pheonix Wings
    14133 Gaea Wings
    14132 Devil Wings
    14131 Death Wings
    14130 Crow Wings
    14128 Succubus Wings
    14127 Raven Wings
    14124 Imp Wings
    14122 Gorgoyle Wings
    14120 Firefly wings
    14119 Divine Wings
    14118 Buttery Wings
    14117 Balde Wings
    14113 Black Cupid Wings
    14112 White cupid wings
    14111 sky Cupid wings
    14107 pink cupid wings

    *I notice all official wings are perfectly working fine , The incorrect behavior only shows for those costume wings (Not Official) that was added here in the server. 




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    This has been fixed by the patch.

    But I decided to add some QoL for everyone after a few tried, the NPC is just too annoying for me. You can easily preview other item now.



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