• ACD Module went missing

    • Item Name: Modification Module (Delay after skill) 25693
      Item ID: 501
      Item Correct Behavior:
      Modification Module (Delay after skill)
        Grants Modification Orb (Delay after skill) to equipment.
      [Enchant effects]
      Reduces delay after skill by 5%.
      If refine rate is 7 or higher, reduces delay after skill by additional 5%.
      If refine rate is 9 or higher, reduces delay after skill by additional 5%.
      [Enchant-able equipment]
      Illusion Armor A-type
      Illusion Armor B-type
      Weight: 1


      Hello GM, this Illu armor should have 3 modules by now. I add one every other day. The first one added was Module Power, the other day is MM ACD, then the last one is another Power. This has been passed to my other chars when I switched just to test it out. I just noticed it one day the ACD went missing, I can't remember when exactly but I think it I first reported it to Lai via messenger 3 days ago (saturday - April 25th) I hope I would be able to get that back. The ACD in my storage is a newly obtained one. The one's missing is the one I bought from another player for like 400m.

      I hope this would be fixed. Thanks in advanced! :)

      Limitro Mech.PNG


      Added info as your request:

      Adding 3rd module for enchanting deletes one of the first module enchanted

      on my 3rd enchant: I added 1 power module and deleted the ACD, hence, leaving the armor with 2Power

      on my 4th enchant: I added another ACD - it did the same, it deleted the other Power module - like 1st in 1st out

      on my 5th enchant: as Lai requested to record a video - I added another Power and it has deleted my 2nd ACD module from the Armor, which makes the armor unlimitedly enchantable but limited only to 2 modules...


      Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    Describe the bug / issue in details. Give us your testing steps. Example, 1st I did this, 2nd I did that etc...

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    Alright, GM Lai asked me to re-enchant the armor to see. However, I failed to record the first attempt. Here's the video for the 5th time enchanting this illu Armor 


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    delete enchant? how you delete the enchant? which npc? hmm  I tot only capable of reset all enchant?

    anyway, I think your issue happened due to your item has somehow remove part of the existing enchant, which ruined the enchanting sequences.

    I have added some bandage to the NPC as a failsafe to avoid this issue.

    Should be ok for now, report if it still happening in the future.

    for your lost item, maybe you can try contact @Lai to trade/exchange back to original items.

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    Does this mean my armor has came to failed and can never be fixed? :( Lai gave me another 2 modules to retry and yet the NPC module enchanter robot did the same thing twice...

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