• Error after maintenance :(

    • Screenshot & Proof: Fixed


    I've encounter some error after the maintenance. Even after I've reinstalled, I'm still facing that error.

    Kindly please assist me! ?


    P/S: I did not overwrite the files after reinstalled.


    Thanks in advance!




    User Feedback

    19 minutes ago, Entity 808 said:

    hmm not sure
    but here's what I did
    I deleted the current AI folder in my LimitRO Folder
    Then I download the Folders  >here<  .
    Then copied Both AI and AI_Sakray Folders to my LimitRO Folder
    And when I log in to the game , No errors /no1


    The issue has been solved, simply just follow the steps above :)

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    Takes more than 10 days to reply shows how much effort and efficiency administrative staff is putting. Better buck up on what's more important than chatting in asgard. 

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