• Character Hair Color Bug

    • Screenshot & Proof: Fixed

    Character Name: Hinotama Ryuuka

    Before I saw this bug, I was re-installing LimitRO.


    I installed LimitRO in May 2016 then quit due to the lag and just came back to play using that old client (after patched ofc).

    But then I realized that there are some sprite bug (couldn't see some items, error popped up when bumped into some players, etc) so I decided to download the new installer.

    After installed the new client, I logged in and saw my character got a black box in his face, like the screenshot below.


    When I changed back to the old client, his face was normal again.


    This problem applied for almost every dark theme hair color IDs. Red for example.


    I figured out that the file caused this problem is the ldata.grf file in the newly downloaded LimitRO client. I tried to replace it with the one from the old client and it worked. (I attached both the new ldata.grf file and the old one below)

    The problem is solved for me but I guess ones who are using the new client still facing the same problem. This is nowhere near a major bug (can it even be called a bug?) but it will be nice if it can be fixed.





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