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  1. For some reason lro.exe is asking for additional Administration permissions when I try to remove it from my PC. Plz help me get rid of this ****** game

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lai


      @Hades, haha you nailed it.

    3. Entity 808

      Entity 808

      Have a back up of all of your important files then reformat your pc :> (I'm serious :>)

    4. raitard


      @Laiyour game required me to run my PC in safe mode just to uninstall it. please check the registry requirements before you get people to download it

      @Hades have fun in retard land.


  2. OGH MVPs shouldn't know Full Strip

    I've actually complained about this in the past, how some (A whole lot, actually) of our MVPs perform skills that they should not know in the first place. I remember being told: "It's a private server, so some of our MVP AIs and scripts are slightly different" so if they don't change anything don't be surprised. =/
  3. Summoner's Race/Size and Job lvl bonus

    They also count as small size btw.
  4. Falcon won't do Blitz Beat

    as far as i know auto blitz-beat is based on your job level
  5. This new update made my ping atrocious, tried all the proxies and they all make it worse, and not using proxies is even worse than using it.

    RIP UK player

    1. gheko


      same with germany too /sob

    2. Lai


      We plan to buy new proxy - 1 in England, 1 Netherland, 1 France and 1 New Jersey. Wait patiently.
      This will happen during this week.

    3. vincentcen


      rip. asian peps only feel can spam sit faster, but something fps got slowed and dc every 30-1 hours happen while playing.

  6. Gate of Hell Bonus Damage

    feelsbadman when iRO players explains the mechanic, but is met with a reply that should probably have been used for all the reports that were made using "random players from warpportalforums" as references and proof.
  7. Gate of Hell Bonus Damage

    I just wonder why we follow jRO so much when their stuff is mostly overpowered and broken, so they change actual game mechanics to follow their broken things, but up to you anyway. at least with this people not gonna cry about getting 1 shotted by a mechanic that was in iRO/kRO since the start of 3rd job release. Side note, the "50% woe skill reduction" is how their woe reduction is in iRO, i'm pretty sure that was clear lmao.
  8. Gate of Hell Bonus Damage

    he's an iRO player that's been giving info and I've been using him as a source since i reported bugs here since like 2013 or something. (dang i'm old) and regardless, if you go on iRO, people complain that GoH damage is really strong, but can be lived through with devotion/defender. Also, we've been using fairly "random" players as our sources in the past. regardless this is how the mechanic should be, side note: I've refrained from reporting it in the past due to the fact our reductions against our gears in the past is not enough at all. right now everything can be lived through and this is the only skill that SHOULD be able to somewhat 1-2 shot people easily. @Akin (Master Keele Zeibel) If you still have access to iRO please help confirm this bug~ ty.
  9. Gate of Hell Bonus Damage

    just so in case it wasn't clear, Missing HP Bonus Damage portion of Gate of Hell should not be reduced by WoE Setting, and only reducable by Defender/Energy Coat/Ghostring Card/Steel Body/Stoop (doram skill). And also to be clear 1-4 is blocked by Safety Wall, 5-10 is blocked by Pneuma, but 1-10 is all treated as a "ranged attack" that is reduced by defender.
  10. New Silk WoE Assessment

    Any update if there will be changes to this setting?
  11. New Silk WoE Assessment

    Sadly don't think that one is possible.
  12. New Silk WoE Assessment

    So first Silk WoE finished, and I have to say the mode is better than expected. Pros: Good enough reduction to withstand damage, never get 1 shotted. Enough damage to actually kill people through good focus fire/enough DPS/Burst. Actually feels like a WoE where new players can participate. Defending a castle that ISN'T "portal camp" (FE Castles) actually feels possible. Cons: Bad integration of consumables i.e.; Can use +1~20 food/buff consumables/etc. outside castle then walk inside still retaining the buff. Some classes are forced to go only one build due to lack off cards/weapon choice. And some are not even playable. Dorams are allowed to wear their set, but they can't even slot cards into it so that's really pointless Suggestions to help make it better: Allow very select few cards. (Will give example, reasoning and GMs could review it). Allow the use of consumables like +1~20 foods Allow use of a bit more healing items, currently we are only allowed to use WoE Whites/Blues, why not include WoE Violets as well? Allow basic 4 slot weapons for respective classes, along with a few cards, would help some classes diversify builds and actually be able to play. (rip DB RK/Wanderer) Cards i'd like to be added: Archer Skeleton Card - RKs are limited to only playing Storm Blast now and even then, it's not that amazing. Give love to Dragon Breath. Marc Card - cuz doram has a slotted armor but no cards Peco Peco Card - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Evil Druid Card - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Drops Card - SCs do not have a good weapon to wear, Combat Knife is not allowed, but this + 4 slot weapon would at least give them some extra Dex to get their job done. Noxious/Raydric - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Fabre Card - Sorcs can't use CK, give them MG [4] and this card, and that'll help them survive a bit better. (not a lot, but it's something) Marina Card - For status spreading classes. Plankton Card - For status spreading classes. (this one would be great for SCs too, pair with sleep arrow and yey) Female Thief Bug Card - Agi +1! "Breaker cards" (lul) I'm really against adding Sropho card. Diamond Dust should be staple anyway, and giving access to Sropho would turn this woe into a Sropho fest. Weapons to be added suggestion: Elven Bow [1] - Rangers do NOT have any real weapon choice whatsoever, if you tell me KVM Bow is good, then I laugh at you even then, ranger just sucks in this setting (pls stop playing ranger in woe, your era is over) Main Gauche [4] - to give classes that would use CK an actual choice Mace [4] - For those RKs that prefer to play DB over anything else Pike [4] - another 4 slot weapon, would be nice for RGs to have something to use when they are breaking. (spear quicken) Composite Bow [4] - For those archer classes that would like to spread status effects Violin [4] - Minstrel instrument to just put extra stats cards (4 vit for apple? or 4 dex/int for bragi) Rope [4] - Whip for wanderers same reasoning as minstrel Consumables: WoE Violet Potions - Cuz White/Blue enabled, why not violet? racist :[ Mastelas - for those lower HP pool classes that would heal a lot from it Slim White Poitions - same as mastela Status foods +1~~20 - Usable outside, ignore the loophole and let it be usable inside as well Large HP/SP/Vitata 200/Celermine Juice - Same reasoning as above Concentration/Awakening/Berserk Potions - same reasoning as above WoE White/Blue/Violet potion Boxes - It's a real oversight that we can't use the boxes that contain the items we are allowed to use. Royal Jellies - can't. cure. anything. pls. send. help. Butterfly Wing - i wanna go home after woe pls. or you know, if my armor breaks, let me out so i can fix it Box of Sunlight - GX/SC has free reign, BoS with our current weird CD of it will prove to be a good counterplay I know what you're thinking, "What about Converters, Holy/Undead/Shadow Scrolls and Elemental Resist Potions Raii??" We're literally not doing elemental damage so there won't be any need for these things. Aside from Warlocks who do Elemental damage, don't kill warlocks with Holy/Undead/Shadow Scrolls please. Just this for now, will edit and add to original post later on if anything else comes up For others: please feel free to add suggestions, but give your reasoning too. thanks
  13. BG C Adjustments

    A few things that in my opinion should be adjusted. Rental System: Please allow us to rent BEFORE joining BG, rushing to rent things is just a bad design in general. If possible make some kind of "Memorized Rental gears" Rental Gears run out too fast, 60 minutes is too short. Consumables: Should be able to use Battlegrounds Potions (BG White Potion, BG Blue Potion), Mastelas (if anything comes to mind will add here) Genetic potions like Celermine Juice should be usable within BG, not only from outside. Equipment: Some rental gears cannot even be used. i.e. Diablos Boots (please check them before you implement honestly) Some classes do not have a viable slotted weapon (SinX can't wear any Katar that is slotted, my suggestion: Specialty Jur [4] or Jur [3]) KVM C: Nothing changed as a design, no problems here. Flavius C: Honestly enjoyed it, imo better than old Flavius where you just rush to kill things as fast as possible Tierra "Bossnia" C: Really poor balancing. Takes too long to take Neutrality Flag, then kill boss, take Flag again, kill boss (while defending Neutrality Flag from enemy team, takes almost 20 minutes or something stupid like that, and neither side could finish off the Gloom Guardian, it should not take that long to play a BG round) Requires you to take Neutrality Flag to progress, if your side does not own Neutrality Flag you cannot kill the boss. Boss runs around the map on it's own, if unlucky your boss that you have to protect might just run out towards enemies and die. Second boss requires you to have Neutrality Flag again, to make it worse, this boss is Gloom Under Night, ghost property. Nothing. Hits. This. Boss. So far the only thing i've seen that hits it from the few BGs we managed to pull together is Soul Breaker (SinX Trans skill) and it barely does any damage. Just these for now, will edit later if anything comes up.
  14. Final Strike

    @Inkfish not fixed yet. still running towards target upon use in woe settings
  15. Skill Name: Catnip Meteor Screenshot of the skill usage. When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? increase agi, blessing, bunch of shrimp, tuna party (irrelevant) When you use this skill, which equipments/ammos/accessaries do you wear? +10 Double Mortal Magical Foxtail Wand [2], Koneko Hat (irrelevant) When you use this skill, are you mounted/do you have push cart/do you have falcon? no When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? This Skill should be ghost property, currently it's neutral property, thus not hitting ghost targets. When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? No, the skill does not hit ghost property monsters. What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? Should be ghost property, meaning it does bonus damage to ghost property monsters, and receives damage buffs from cards like Elvira Card. How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? It does not hit ghost mobs. as you can see, hits ghouls, but not the nightmare. ghoul is undead, so neutral hits, nightmare is ghost, neutral misses. P.S. this report system feels really redundant btw. have to repeat multiple things in the report since questions literally need the same answer.