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  1. neora aeon

    illusion armors in silk woe and BG should be ban

    I don't agree to banning the armor itself. Those make some classes and builds(a few niche) actually playable. But the enchants should be banned imo.
  2. neora aeon

    Cross Impact minor bug report

    glad inkfish still the same sources are there but still asks for proof just gonna drop this here as well. but idk, sometimes i feel they just don't bother to read.
  3. neora aeon

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    wanted a laugh so i read this thread. 10/10 garbage thanks
  4. neora aeon

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    tested as well, seems like CI crit chance got fixed along with the ranged damage garbo. Just needs to jump on targets now. and by people you mean @neora aeon and @neora aeon only. (why did you change your name Raii?) LOL need to know basis, you don't need to know
  5. neora aeon

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    -1 think of all the other classes affected just because you wanna nerf GX. Just implement the correct crit chance, the jump on CI cast and you're gonna see much less of GX in woe. No one wants to keep trading 1 for 1 when they click their only viable skill.
  6. neora aeon

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE @chliz @Lai scroll down to GX portion, look at where it says crit chance for all skills. meaning GX needs more than 100 crit rate to get reliable crit rate on any of it's skills regardless of weapon type, that's not even including crit resist from target's luk stat. oh and btw, your crit rate does change if you equip a katar or not, but that still gets halved. that's why everyone plays katar, easier to increase crit rate. edit: oh and while you're at it you can double check other things on this page.
  7. neora aeon

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    Untrue, Tested extensively with my own GX with 100% crit chance. Out of 30 casts of Cross Impact 30 of them crit. Target had 1 Luk stat so almost no crit resistance. CI crit chance literally should be half of your crit chance that is displayed in your stat window, then reduced by target's crit resistance. Wherever you check that has this rework implemented, that's how it works. No one dual wields anymore because of the same reason. GX is playable even with BoS and Maya P. Removing BoS CD/ allowing Maya P in silk just gives other classes a chance not to get "outskilled" by a variable element point click skill that is DESIGNED to 1 shot IF it crits. One thing I do think we should allow is KVM/BG Armor/Accessories. In terms of reductions in Accessories in silk, we have nothing. And Siege Set is better than KVM Armor Set in terms of reduction so I have no idea why it's even banned in the first place if Siege Set is allowed.
  8. For some reason lro.exe is asking for additional Administration permissions when I try to remove it from my PC. Plz help me get rid of this ****** game

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lai


      @Hades, haha you nailed it.

    3. Entity 808

      Entity 808

      Have a back up of all of your important files then reformat your pc :> (I'm serious :>)

    4. neora aeon

      neora aeon

      @Laiyour game required me to run my PC in safe mode just to uninstall it. please check the registry requirements before you get people to download it

      @Hades have fun in retard land.


  9. neora aeon

    OGH MVPs shouldn't know Full Strip

    I've actually complained about this in the past, how some (A whole lot, actually) of our MVPs perform skills that they should not know in the first place. I remember being told: "It's a private server, so some of our MVP AIs and scripts are slightly different" so if they don't change anything don't be surprised. =/
  10. neora aeon

    Add Npc for Downgrade Equipment to +0

    there is one, top left BG
  11. neora aeon

    Summoner's Race/Size and Job lvl bonus

    They also count as small size btw.
  12. neora aeon

    Falcon won't do Blitz Beat

    as far as i know auto blitz-beat is based on your job level
  13. neora aeon

    [Guide] Percent Damage Modifier Formula

    afaik this is still how it works, however instead of "bonus damage" it's bonus W.atk. So if you're w.atk is 200, 2 hydra cards against demi-human monster = 40% of 200 = 80 so you have 280 w.atk for the calculations. ofc, there's other small factors such as over-upgrade bonuses that isn't really clear (since it's random). then there is "ranged and final damage modifiers" (Archer Skel, Donation Gears, ExpertArcher Enchants) these calculate as 10% = 10% extra final damage, so if your Dragon Breath does 10k normally, with 3 archer skeleton cards that damage will be 13k instead. In some cases Archer Skeleton beats Race/Size/Element mods, but those depend on how strong your final damage is, how strong your weapon is, and how well your build compliments such cards. Side note: this is why high atk weapons with more slots are now favored over 4slot weapons.
  14. This new update made my ping atrocious, tried all the proxies and they all make it worse, and not using proxies is even worse than using it.

    RIP UK player

    1. gheko


      same with germany too /sob

    2. Lai


      We plan to buy new proxy - 1 in England, 1 Netherland, 1 France and 1 New Jersey. Wait patiently.
      This will happen during this week.

    3. vincentcen


      rip. asian peps only feel can spam sit faster, but something fps got slowed and dc every 30-1 hours happen while playing.

  15. neora aeon

    Gate of Hell Bonus Damage

    feelsbadman when iRO players explains the mechanic, but is met with a reply that should probably have been used for all the reports that were made using "random players from warpportalforums" as references and proof.