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  1. chloe

    Lux Anima (unable to create)

    my bad i forgot to include that one and just posted the source @[email protected] should be light granule (7938) 3pcs gold (969) 3pcs Elder branch (7939) 1pc @Inkfish I might have misinterpret this script but 2010 is showing as Forest Staff in game.
  2. chloe

    Lux Anima (unable to create)

    @Inkfish @Yuuki any info on the mats change if there's any?
  3. Item Name / Item ID: 22540 Describe the bug: Unable to create the rune even when I have all the mats Light Granule, Gold, Mystic Rough Runestone on multiple amounts. Also held elder branches to be sure but still didn't work (getting You can't create items yet pop up). Able to make every other runes except for lux. Searched the forums and no info provided regarding a change. Give your source : Your Char Name / Your Char Stats : o Yvonne o
  4. chloe


    Try installing the latest nvidia drivers in case you haven't yet. NVIDIA LATEST DRIVERS CLICK HERE
  5. chloe

    Halloween Cauldron


    I'm sighing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Chloe Eirene In. Point: Day 1: 316 Day 3: 1650 Day 4: 360 Day 5: 550 Day 10: 275 Total: 3151
  6. chloe

    Applause Sandals

    @Inkfish @Yuuki Not sure what's changed but the Sandals isn't giving anything now. It's working fine before this change, probably just a typo in website's database. Now after the change it's no longer a combo between the sandals and Amon Ra card. You're getting the card's effect now which is All stats +1 and chances of Kyrie
  7. chloe

    Okolnir didnt reward God Item

    hahahahahaha the mighty all-knowing @Yuuki. Kappa
  8. chloe

    Award Club

    @kevs @Sheep Poo @Takudan @evaluna Do we vouch for Danny?
  9. chloe

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Funny shit that even small details about KK were so big deal with other people lol. From @main KK don't recruit newbies, no gear, no zenny, no vip, no mom, no dad, no dog, no tree ppl to KK halting recruitment coz they're too OP. *giggles in a corner*
  10. chloe

    Some WoE Suggestions

    Funny thing, he's still pushing it..and now on it's third thread (with minor revisions) @OP: You couldn't possibly compare iro to limitRO coz the drop rate here and the way of obtaining stuff is very much bumped and easier. 1 scenario of comparison could be: I'm pretty sure not every RKs in iRO would consider doing IB + SB build (current META in limitro) for reasons like Rune Materials, Food Materials wouldn't drop as much as they do in LimitRO etc. Another is the consideration of overpowered custom DP equipment which we have here but doesn't exist in iRO. The power gap between the richies and beginners / newbies / mediocre in woe would pretty much be farther if multiple MVP cards will be allowed.
  11. chloe

    20160730 Silk SE - Bandis

    Was it "adapt or leave" or "adapt or get rekt" back then. lol
  12. chloe

    Additional Silk Restrictions

    I don't even know why he's trying to interfere with woe so much when there's a bunch of reports in bug section and other stuff like "Hey @mail, where are you now? still hostaging my items?". Not being one sided, we (Kit Kat guild) kept on re-iterating that the option to reset all Castles is fine so everyone would have a chance to start from scratch. IIRC the implementation of silk was to restrict DP items and MVPs, KVM weapons were added since they're in comparable or better in a sense against mvp carded weapons. Later on KVM armors were allowed since there's not much reducs items to be used. Now new contents were added which made silk woe in general quite balance. Stuff were added to compliment the other, for example: those deep sea items, cranial enchanted AAWs counters the damage dealt by bio weapons / HGs in general. Too expensive? Hard? go with woe SET, an SC or SORC who knows how to ecoat with a complete KVM set (armor, robe and shoe) can tank decently. Seriously, my mind cant figure out why newbies would want to woe. Woe is something you need to invest before joining, may it be with your equips (ok rentals can fix this, spoon feed yadayada) or at the very least the supplies that you'll burn...else you want newbies to woe without pots, without foods, without proper supplies lol
  13. chloe

    Additional Silk Restrictions

    If you restrict BIO HG, might as well make them tradable coz it's pointless for people (who's so in to woe) who made +16s already and made +10 of the same type just for silk. At least make the ability of selling them freely an option. As for the list, those Deep Sea Headgears that makes SC pot like a God, quite a few to mention and I believe you know them too. TBH though, the current settings isn't that bad. It's actually bearable, just getting good old kvm set of armors would make you survive silk. Not sure why you're trying to ruin propose some adjustments again If you wanna help newbies (laugh at newbies wanting to woe, took me about a year or two to actually start woeing properly), make some sort of good rental stuff available.