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  1. It has been a while since I've stopped using windows. As I was wondering through the forums for a guide on how to install LimitRO on linux-based systems, I came across people with the same problems I had, and that inspired me to make a short tutorial. The content of this post is inspired/partially translated from this link (in french), I hope it can help you through your journey 😄 NOTE: this tutorial was done on Ubuntu 18.04. I do not guarantee it will work on other distros, although it is likely that it will. First step: LimitRO + PlayOnLinux Download LimitRO game files Install PlayOnLinux on your machine. It can either be found on Ubuntu Software, or you can see how to get it on their website. Note that PlayOnLinux will automatically install Wine on your machine. Wine is a piece of software that allows, through reverse engineering, to run windows applications on Ubuntu and other unix-based Operating Systems. Second step: configure PlayOnLinux Although you could do all of the present steps only using Wine, PlayOnLinux is easier to use, and allows you to separate between different configurations through the concept of virtual drives (which I find very simillar to the concept of Python's virtual environments, for those who are familiar). A virtual drive is simply a particular installation of Wine + its configuration. Hence, by using PlayOnLinux you can manage different versions of Wine into your machine. PlayOnLinux also has built-in scripts that install other softwares that are needed to run LimitRO, for instance. Being so, In tools > manage wine versions add the version 1.7.55. Once it install Wine 1.7.55, click on "configure" on the main window. It will open a window called "PlayOnLinux configuration" Click on "new", then "32 bits windows installation > Next > Wine 1.7.55 > Next > LimitRO/Whatever name you want > Next". It will install your new virtual drive. Once it has finished, it will come back to the "PlayOnLinux configuration" window. Go to miscellaneous, and select "Open virtual drive's directory". In the opened directory, go to "drive_c" then to "Program Files". Extract the game's .zip file into that directory. Create shortcuts for the following executables: "setup.exe" and "LimitRO.exe". At this point, your game is launchable, although if you do so, it will crash. Third Step: installation Before you can safely run your game, go to "PlayOnLinux configuration" window and then to "install components". You will need to install the following components: Internet Explorer 8 vcrun2010 dxfullsetup FontsSmoothRGB Then, try to execute "setup.exe". IF IT CRASHES you need to go to the directory "~/.PlayOnLinux/wine/linux-x86/1.7.55/lib" and remove all files containing "libz" on its name (either by deleting them, or by moving them to another directory). You can then proceed to run "setup.exe" and then play by running "LimitRO.exe". I hope you manage to run your game by following this tutorial. Best of luck 😉.
  2. duduhigh

    Playing LimitRO on Linux (EDIT: adding gepard message)

    I am having the same problem here, on Ubuntu 18.04. I'd rather spend a few days trying to tweak wine into it, than running windows once again 🤣 update: I managed to run LimitRO on my computer. I detailed the steps on this post. Try following it
  3. duduhigh

    Bukonawa's Lake bug

    While doing Bukonawa's Lake instance, the storm gust casted by the boss pushed-me inside the lake (lol). Since there is a gap between the place I've been pushed, and the actual map where characters are able to walk, I was stuck there, and could not have the chance to kill the treasure box. Not sure if the bug is solvable, but seems to me that some LUA script concerning the instance is not working properly (I am able to being "teleported" to areas where characters are not able to walk. Since the instance has a week of calldown, I think it would be good to fix that, so that players won't have the pain to wait for another week to (possibly) do a instance for nothing. Thank you :).
  4. duduhigh

    Chegando agora :D

    Sempre fico lá por Gonryu também(@go11), mas nunca vi nenhum BR por lá. Se quiserem mandar PM, meu main é GuardianOfTheBlind
  5. duduhigh

    Chegando agora :D

    Fizeram alguma guild BR? Tou jogando praticamente sozinho /cry
  6. duduhigh

    Question about Tidung

    So, in the description of the item it says: reduces 5% of the damage of all monsters. So, in a matter of PVP, other players are considered monsters(demi-human monsters, i guess)? So, the redux from the Tidung is aplied?
  7. duduhigh

    Somatology Laboratory Farming Guide

    Well, i'm sure that is a long way untill i can farm Biolabs...
  8. duduhigh

    Somatology Laboratory Farming Guide

    Is possibly to do 1hit ko on biolab with AS? I've reached insta cast on my ranger, but i was wondering if i'm usin a over GXbow with good cards, if i can kill them with just 1 hit
  9. duduhigh

    Somatology Laboratory Farming Guide

    , i need to level my agi on real life. I died with both(gx and ranger, but with ranger i've killed some mobs). In the future i guess that i'll can farm on that damn dungeon
  10. duduhigh

    Mora Enchants

    Well, a simply question, i was reading the topic on iRO wiki about mora enchants, and i had saw that if the equipament is +9 it gains certain enchants that +x other stuffies don't gain. Well, since i remember, the NPC says that any refine on equipament will be lost, so, is my english so bad, and i did not understand, or my interpretation is right, and you loses your +9 for the enchant(lol?). Can anyone explain me that? If i enchant, for example my +7 White Wing Suit, my armor will lose the refine?
  11. duduhigh

    Somatology Laboratory Farming Guide

    Any stuff guide for Farm with Ranger?
  12. duduhigh

    Not attractive Battlegrounds?

    thank you guys, i'll contact them and try to farm more badges! Maybe i can kill someone in Pvp . Anyway, thanks ^^
  13. duduhigh

    Not attractive Battlegrounds?

    So, since i joined on Limit i never saw people going to do a lot of BG. Now, i need to get some BG stuffs, and no one on the role server go to Battlegrounds. Yeah, i'm a forever alone player(), my friends don't play so much, and i have nobody to invite(well, sometimes i try to use @main and invite someon, but no one wants). So, i was wondering myself about that, and starts to think: why people do not want to go, if it has so much to offer(like KvM weap, and KvM set). In that case, i think that the way is to boost BG, like providing new stuff to be acquired(like quests hats, cards, etc[?]). What do you guys think about that? BG needs boosts, or i need to get friends to get my equips? xD P.S. -> Sorry for the bad english.
  14. duduhigh

    Scaraba Hole 02 bug?

    Heh, thanks all for the answers, i'll do that quest again ^^.
  15. duduhigh

    Scaraba Hole 02 bug?

    So, a long time ago i've done the Doha's Secret Order quest on my Rang, and get the acess into the dungeon(well, i'm sure that i've done the quest), so i've tried to get inside the dungeon and the NPC doesn't permitted me to enter. Anyone knows this bug? Anyone knows how to fix it?