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  1. Valhalla_Loves_Loki

    Gepard Shield Crash - After Maintenance

    300+ online now but no one bothers to share on how to fix the problem.
  2. Valhalla_Loves_Loki

    Harmony Plate Function

    Good day sir. I just want to ask why function of harmony plate has been swapped with ring of eternity? Event description says it should proc safety wall at 3 pct. Now it says proc tatami? Any reason why? Please help fix. Thank you. As per event description, it should be this: Provided also is in game screenshot of actual item.
  3. Valhalla_Loves_Loki

    Permanent Premium Account Package

    Yes sir I remember an instance where all DP points were reimbursed. The thing is one of those points were still used AGAIN to purchase the Permanent Premium package. In which in this case, renders those points I acquired as useless. My question is when did the Permanent Premium status for all started? As far as I can remember, I still have one of those 7 days premium ticket i acquired thru voting system. I had it before I took a long break. Which means Permanent Premium account status at that time is not available for all.
  4. Valhalla_Loves_Loki

    Permanent Premium Account Package

    Good day Sir, Its been a while since I came back to play LimitRO. I was surprised with the new changes implemented and the game mechanics. I just noticed one thing and found out that everybody seems to have a permanent premium account. I always thought that it was only a privilege to those who have donated before via donation points, into which I did before. Im fine with my other donation items (DP hats and accessories) which had the option of returning (DP return), but how about the Permanent Premium Account package which I bought before with donation points (Western Union)? Is there anything you can do with my case? Please check your records about my donation package and help me with my case. Thank you in advance.