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  1. who nerfed my GB? or did lai sold it while im away?just askin..

  2. Kenzo

    How did you find LimitRO?

    Talon GM`s are not helpful, rage about it and someone PMed me from their Forums to try Limit RO.
  3. saangyaht faailohk/shengri kuaile Lai

  4. did i missed something?

    1. paperOne


      no still the same boring server...

    2. Smiter of the Gods

      Smiter of the Gods

      Prolly an English Grammar class. Huehuehue.

    3. Kenzo


      my bad! >> thanks for reminding me Lab Rat..\\..//

  5. Part 2 WTF hahaha G......a

  6. Off to Movie House "Godzilla" Crossed Finger Spoil yea all later..

  7. Captain America : Winter Soldier..imma spoil yea all later

  8. atom Xenon?good thing didnt buy this item,i saw this one is coming d(-_-)b

  9. Crop! did i miss drama lately?

    1. Fluffy Ribbons
    2. raitard


      keep spelling things wrong and you're bound to get drama

    3. Kenzo
  10. Shadow Fall / Ghosts time d(-_-)b

  11. after 27 years.robocop..imma spoil everyone later..numnum

    1. Skyewind


      I'll beat you to the spoiler.

      He goes to Japan and beats Demons by throwing beans at them.

    2. Kenzo
    3. iRagster


      I won't mind if you spoil me :)

  12. next time when you plan to make unscheduled maintenance pls/kindly remind us

    1. Inkfish


      it's not a maintenance. server...not responding

    2. DevCon


      oh no wonder why i kept freezing for like 1-2secs while abraing.

    3. esquelito


      I believe you can't announce an "unscheduled" as it isn't expected.

  13. Kenzo

    No to corruption?

    dude i am sorry to disappoint you but corruption is worldwide pandemic business, so stop pretending that you can do something to fix it, it harsh but you need to accept the ugly truth,btw let me remind you one thing this is a free world so i can comment what i ever want too as long as i abide within the rules. PS OT:whatever political agenda you have on your / our country just leave it there, this game is way too small to carry out your burden, people here are relaxing and just having fun so if you feel also bein alienated with this issue just feel free to leave the server along with the TS and get a real life.
  14. Kenzo

    No to corruption?

    If you feel to quit the server just do it , stop broadcasting or making any drama... people on this server knew this thing is happening for ages so deal with it. sarcasm detected below in 3 ....2.....1.......