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  1. Tendril

    Unattaching Gemstones from CE

    +1 😂
  2. Tendril

    Mad Bunny [1] BUG

    @F a i z I guess someone cannot tank your trashtalking and cry with @Lai 😂
  3. Tendril

    What are golden apples for?

    nope, just a collecting items. it has no use except wasting 1 slot in your storage or inventory
  4. Tendril

    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    IGN: Scarlet Sky FB share:
  5. Tendril

    Add some guns from JRO

    I think these are implemented already, they can be bought in some vending machine, forgot where they are, check pront, asgard or vending harbour, there should be an npc selling these
  6. Tendril

    Cannot recycle old DP

    I cannot recycle the old DP while the changelogs said should be able to @Yuuki
  7. Tendril

    Donation garment Bug

    After the maintenance the costume garment Huuma Shuriken becomes like this. No idea if other DP garments are like this. @Yuuki
  8. 70-50% upgrade reduced, nice move. And after forcing players to use shitty CE, 5 vips per unenchant ...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lai


      From the player that complained since 2010 of everything I did. <3 

    3. Tendril


      To the admin that doesn't even know  when I joined and always does things before thinking through first

    4. F a i z

      F a i z

      Hahahaha hahahaha

      Couple made in heaven ^


  9. Tendril

    Deepsea City Treasures v2.

    why don't just add every item from Jro already? Rather than make these items suggestion topics which most of them will be from Jro
  10. Tendril

    20161016 Normal SE

    why the only thing you can say about him is his smell?
  11. Tendril

    Bugged Asprika....

    @Sweet Guy that's my grandpa using my account. Damn so suspicious ...
  12. Tendril

    Bugged Asprika....

    @F a i z you idiot, why you post your gear =='
  13. Tendril

    Applause Sandals (how to make one?)

    you need to have a +9 ancient shoes (get from the egg scroll in Limit Group), and talk to a specific NPC in Limit Group
  14. Tendril

    how to vend item more than1b

    I remember there a system prevent the items from getting bought when the amount of zeny exceed 1b