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  1. Hello everyone, Donation CEs and KVM transfer is now available :D just PM @Lai on facebook :D Enjoy~

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  2. you can usually do that when you play the class he is using.. tried pm-ing him as bot check?
  3. ah nvm thought its IGN
  4. every jobs dont have shield sprite i think
  5. Char Names: Jin neticist & InfinityBless Combo Name: Finisha Love Advice: True Love will make you fall deeper and deeper in love as the days passes by.. Facebook Share NEVER GIVE UP!~ Goodluck Everyone~ <3
  6. @Yuuki This happened to me on Bio Nightmare.. Flamels bypasses our pneuma
  7. As far as i remember, Corruption Root Card doesn't work on ranged. You can activate both Wide Curse and Wide Sleep skills using alternative Cards/Items. Maybe that guy is using them. But, yeah please double check it @Yuuki
  8. First of all, I'm not a GM, I'm not a developer. I'm just a normal player trying to help. I explained everything you need to know on my reply. About how bubblegum really works. @moshimo - Usefulness of an Item depends on how the person uses it. If you think its useless then IT IS USELESS. But if you think its useful then sure, It is indeed useful. Even an Apple is useful for some people Be grateful on getting items in some events rather than making issues with it ^^.
  9. You need to reach job level 60 for this to work i think.. The skill detecting the maximum level of job
  10. Hello, I just want to clarify that.. Bubblegum has a 90% cap base on the experience of other players on official server.. We follow official server's formula that is why we're also affected with the cap. Example is the mavka's witherless rose.. Yeah, the topic owner's formula is correct which is 75% + 37.5%.. However.. It is capped to 90%.. So the rate of mavka's witherless rose with bubblegum is 90%. Source: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/35846-are-gums-broken/ And also, even if you @autoloot 75 while you're on bubblegum effect, you will still get the Witherless Rose since it is recorded as 75% on the server's @mi
  11. until

    I'm sighing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Cliffe Kaizen In. Point: Day 1: 120 Day 4: 112 Day 5: 250 Day 8: 250 Day 9: 750 Day 10: 1000 Day 12: 3040 Total: 5522 Reward Given
  12. Don't go off topic.. @Yuuki @Lai @Inkfish This item is bugged, please fix Must only reduce MELEE Elemental Attacks not everything including magic and ranged.
  13. Ohh, the scaraba dummy egg was a small type months ago, sorry. But well, Who knows.. There's still a chance that it might be an Item Type bug and an Axe or Other type that makes 75% damage to mediums.. Mace type is 100% to medium and Axe/Knuckle/Spear/Dagger type is making 75% damage to medium type. The database showed the Meteor Strike's type but still, please check it on in-depth scripts. It wouldn't hurt (When attacking) In the screenshot, Pilebunker showed it is a mace on his hand, You can see it. But Meteor Strike's sprite is missing because it is might not a Mace but a Knuckle/Spear/Two-hand Axe.
  14. @Lai @Yuuki @Inkfish The Meteor Strike might be bugged.. Like its weapon type. Since he is attacking small type egg dummies, Pile Bunker did 75% of the "real" damage because is a Mace type.. Yet, He is doing smaller damage using the Meteor Strike.. My assumption is, the Meteor Strike item is not a mace, But a Axe type of weapon which will deal 50% damage on small type monsters like that dummy. Just my Assumption tho please check the Meteor Strike weapon type, must be 'Mace Type' Weapon Size Penalty Below, Source: RMS