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  1. Robe enchants

  2. Vicious Mind Wire & Mind Violin BUG NOT DROP MOB

    i did the sky fortress instance for like 100 runs already (400 keys) but they never drop instrument and whips
  3. Hello @Jikz, it need 1000z per use that's why it doesn't work
  4. Merchant Girl Doll

    i think we still dont have the sprite for the CE like the lazy smooth CE
  5. Analysis: What job i should use?

    very very nice guide, have some rest and take your time
  6. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    R.I.P +180 str +270 flee @ +18
  7. Snowman Calendar

  8. Deepsea City Treasures v3

    ME LIKEY <3
  9. Snowman Calendar

    It wont. Just don't use the "donation garment" preview or use Donation Amulets
  10. Guardian Ring of King has no effect

    @Mavne How did you get the item? we don't have the Friday Instance yet
  11. [FB EVENT] Let's Play Limit RO!

    dem, the domovi looks like a donation hat this event looks good tho
  12. Devil's Tower - more weapons and upgrade chance, its not OP compare to our current meta.. new players will be enjoying having +10+ weapons
  13. Hello everyone, Donation CEs and KVM transfer is now available :D just PM @Lai on facebook :D Enjoy~

    Edited by JinToki
  14. Award Club

    @Lai @Yuuki