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  1. Insultive Behavior

    well this behavior is not to be taken lightly he getting very toxic ingame and even IRL.
  2. Personalize MVP Cards

    im up for this this is a nice idea so +1
  3. i doubt this old pro players dont farm zennies anymore since they already have it.
  4. lai it would be better to increase the mob rate of the map that gives more zeny to newbies
  5. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    If you want to support an application just simply click the <3
  6. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    To all please refrain posting a non application post here. All applicants will go through the normal process all non application post will be deleted.
  7. Hi Loves... Damn I'll miss saying that LOL XD

    Thank you himi for everything it's a very good experience working with you and good luck
  8. Birthday Wishes For Lai

    IGN: lorder Birthday Message : More Power to LimitRO and To your Business https://web.facebook.com/groups/gmlai/?multi_permalinks=831361547041534&notif_t=like&notif_id=1502629298707670
  9. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it a healing item?
  10. MVP hunting

    hahhah although we dont own anything we invite everyone to join the fun in killing mvps
  11. MVP hunting

    Can you give me those MVP that many players are example Gtb 😂😂😂
  12. Energy Crystal Reverse Conversion

    Hi can you do the proper format for suggestion
  13. MVP hunting

    Hi there Everyone how do you hunt MVP's through dungeon or via Instances please comment for survey