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  1. IGN: DragonsWrath Name: Cris Link to social media: https://www.facebook.com/lexanderthegreat3 How long have you been playing RO in general? 8 years How long have you been playing Limit RO? 7 years What makes you want to be a Helper? to help make limit ro fun for new players What can you offer to Limit RO if you're a Helper? well ill give advise to players that needs help
  2. Name: Cris Aguilar Ingame Character (Main): Dragonswrath LimitRO Experience: 5 years RO Experience: 5 years Languages Spoken: english and tagalog Timezone: +5GMT What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? I started in LRO with nothing and I have experienced all of it here may it be PVM, WOE, and PVP so I can help all those newbies with their question.
  3. The npc is bugged it doesnt generate the instance