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  1. Complete the Giant Equipment Set

    This is nice +1 to this
  2. stuck when logging in

    Have you tried using a VPN connection?
  3. Wolfchev's Laboratory [150+]

    Before doing the cursed spirit quest you must do these pre requisite quest first - Factory quest - murder on einbroch quest
  4. L-Phone

  5. New Cards & Enchants

    Nice i hope this get implemented asap fot instance goers
  6. Limited Cash Shop revamp

    It was announced on fb
  7. Limited Cash Shop revamp

    +1 to this
  8. [Event] MvP Summoner!

    Bio lab mvps should be on the high end and might as well add bio 5 mvp on high end
  9. -1 many other players have done it you should have a little bit of patience thats the essence of the online gaming but you can choose the option of doing mora quest to buy the WWSuit and right now we have the spotlight mats and it is a pretty good chance for the farmers like yourself to earn zeny ingame. and i agree with everybody if we increase the the rate of wws it will make the value of the armor low and we dont want that to happen it will be unfair for the farmers who wasted hours farming the suit.
  10. Insultive Behavior

    well this behavior is not to be taken lightly he getting very toxic ingame and even IRL.
  11. Personalize MVP Cards

    im up for this this is a nice idea so +1
  12. i doubt this old pro players dont farm zennies anymore since they already have it.
  13. lai it would be better to increase the mob rate of the map that gives more zeny to newbies
  14. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    If you want to support an application just simply click the <3
  15. LimitRO Helper Recruitment

    To all please refrain posting a non application post here. All applicants will go through the normal process all non application post will be deleted.