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  1. Keshav

    Ice Dungeon Bot/Macro Farm

    First of all you weren't beside my character all the time, so you don't know, how many the character died, how many times i was dead on the floor, How many times i came back, How many times i spammed Drain Life, how many times i moved around And trust me there is no way you can dodge the attack (at least for me). When I was moving around and was spamming drain life skill too but for sure you didn't see that like i didn't see you Pms.
  2. Keshav

    Ice Dungeon Bot/Macro Farm

    Nope you cant farm continuously in ice dun because of the monsters are strong enough to kill you and i was and i farm with all screen blank mode F11. No interruption mode And about no monster and still casting skill? Try and sit at one place for more than 2 hours, you will start spamming keys like you are a machine
  3. Keshav

    (Genetic) Change Material

    Yup figured it out already. thanks anyways
  4. Keshav

    (Genetic) Change Material

    Still cant create material. The situation is same. Tried creating Blood sucker Plant seed out of Maneater Root Used all Combinations available on google to create Blood sucker Plant seed. Screen Shots are not attached because those arent different from attached above.
  5. Keshav

    Is this a Bug or Somthing Else..

    yea damn autodesk inventor was active thanks!!!
  6. Keshav

    Is this a Bug or Somthing Else..

    I am getting logged with the msg "You are about to be logged out due to failed security synchronization'' Don't know what it is Help pls Thanks
  7. Keshav

    Gold Scaraba Card

    Help, How to get to the scaraba dun lvl 3 as I have done with all perquisite quests and doha's secret order till the step step 8 and I can enter lvl 2, but cant find any gold scarabas in the dungeon. The most confusing thing is lvl 2 and lvl 3 are same Link for Quest's_Secret_Orders Link for maps of scaraba maps Please help me, Thanks.
  8. Keshav

    Homunculus Guide (Discussion & Levelling)

    Alright!!! got it I am on my way!!!! Thank you!!!!
  9. Keshav

    Homunculus Guide (Discussion & Levelling)

    I think my homunculus is Deiter level 99 and bugged I tried leveling up but i it seems to be stuck on 99. its Neutral now Help me!!!