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  1. diesincebirth

    [Not Working] Isia Runestone reflect damage receive reduction

    and should be fix before that transformation scroll issue in changelog .. hahahaha
  2. diesincebirth

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    @Lai here it is: https://www.limitro.com/forums/reportcenter/itembugs/not-working-isia-runestone-reflect-damage-receive-reduction-r3149/
  3. diesincebirth

    Changelogs - OS Mission Instance

    [email protected] how about Isia Runestone?
  4. diesincebirth

    [Not Working] Isia Runestone reflect damage receive reduction

    thank you for the comment. Isia is a buffing item. it should be fine here
  5. 1st, I tried to test the melee reflect damage receive reduction with 1 Royal Guard without Buffing Isia in RK. It shows 352 as reflect damage receive 2nd test was the same process but with isia buffed in RK but this time it shows 353 as reflect damage receive were this time it should be half or 50% less. as of now, HP recovery potion effect is working Thank you in Advance LimitRO admins
  6. diesincebirth

    Putting bombrings at castle entrance²

    hi im Teradyne. what brings my name here 😂😂😂😂
  7. diesincebirth

    AFK Farming in Thana

  8. diesincebirth

    afk farmer thana 11 IGN Palopo

    1 minute lapse already?
  9. According to its Full set effects, it should be: +20% max HP/SP +22% matk +30 Mdef +19% Demi-human reduction + 10% wind/earth magic damage + 15% wind/eath resistant +10 Vit +21% nuetral resistance +3 Dex + 120 Matk +400HP but base on @battlestats, it shows only a 15% demihuman reduction instead of 19% while on the other hand in wind and earth resistant displays only both 1% instead of 15% for both elements. 4% demi-human reduction from +7Manteau of Survival seems not working and 15% wind and earth resistant from +7 Manteau and Shoes Thanks in advance
  10. diesincebirth

    Bowling Bash nothing changed after maintenance </3

    then why this XD ...... pls add more details in every updates 😫 .
  11. diesincebirth

    Bowling Bash nothing changed after maintenance </3

    no need to try i think XD.. base on this update, the target was only 1 stone but deals 4hits using 2 handed and not depend how many the target is
  12. First, I tried the skill with 2 handed sword but still 2 hits instead of 4 hits thanks in advance pls fix this long live LimitRO ❤️❤️❤️
  13. diesincebirth

    Afk Farming

    OMG !! what macro? auto casting dont need a macro.. im using this gaming mouse. so using this mouse will make you ban too? PS: afk dont shout in trade section !!
  14. diesincebirth

    Afk Farming

    again? I was sitting here and farm. I was aware that you clearing my mobs. suspected you would do something. did you invistigate? or atleast pm me? i know you taking SS .. thats why I have too.. what do you expect me to do in this build? press button till I die? it was a autocast build
  15. diesincebirth

    Afk farming or Bot

    dont just report player without investigation or observation and I notice you just standing that time were you taking screenshot without confronting then KSing monster thats I told you to stop KSing is there a penalty on false reporting people?