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  1. Takudan

    Alchemist shadow armor

    Item Name / Item ID Alchemist shadow armor Describe the bug - how you tested Wear +0. i see atk increased, equals to learning potion level Refined to +7 and +8, no further increase Refine dropped back to +6 (hd elu), no decrease Take off, atk reduced same as #1 Give your source (why you think it's bugged or according which website?) https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/192356-kro-class-specialized-shadow-gear-feb-3rd-2016/page-4 Alchemist Shadow ArmorIncrease Atk equal to level of Potion Research user has learnt. [OK]Each refine rate above 6 further increase Atk equal to level of Potion Research user has learnt per refine rate. [NOK- currently not happening]When equipped with Alchemist Shadow Shoes,When equipped by Alchemist classes, enable to use Adrenaline Rush lv.3. [OK] Your Char Name / Your Char Stats lol
  2. To summarise the wall of text here, CMIIW, Donation dmg e.g. gem, shard no changes Donation atk star stones bAtkRate script should no longer affect dragon breath. To players it's basically minor buff to atk star stones as they're now unique script in the game.. but db RK will need to use other star stones. All other "atk%" should now use non/boss script. To player, generally no change to most old gears but major nerf to pendants which will now open up more possibilities for other accessories.
  3. (i seriously think inkfish filters out records marked Fixed)
  4. Takudan

    Old Glast Heim Beginner Mode

    Was fun and frustrating at the same time. Did TE ET with guildies before, first time failed cuz 1 to 75 drained too much energy.. imagine 3hr run and you're only at BZB. Next round we did 76 onwards, beat naght!
  5. what? tests he did seem clear to me... unless my memory serving me wrong regarding monster size... he did 3 tests each to both test targets, using max power and pile bunker: cardless, WK card, WK+KK combo. wraith is large; WK did more dmg, WK+KK combo didn't improve [NOK] dark priest is medium WK did more dmg, WK+KK combo did even more what does now pique my interest is, where did the overrefine bonus variance go? +9 pile bunker that has some overrefine bonus and maximise power / crits should not eliminate this variance....
  6. Takudan


    http://www.limitro.com/banlist/ welp, no ban nothing. What's the punishment? XD
  7. Takudan

    Gentle Touch-Convert/Opposite MDEF Bug

    @Inkfish not fixed. Please fix again: gtc should not give mdef target's negative mdef should not make them immune to magic (instead they should take MORE dmg)
  8. should not be usable please also check: new auras/garments/ces/dps for all silk woes overall silk setting in that castle, since it used to be potato trans woe, settings could be wrong/different compared to other castles
  9. Takudan

    Dangerous Soul Collect

    isn't this a typical mechanism for most skills when they're interrupted? E.g. spellbreaking / provoking skills under casting e.g. dragon breath. these are strategies to stop someone temporarily do you have source it works as your report in officials?
  10. Takudan

    Lux Anima (unable to create)

    Lux anima requires 3 gold 3 light granule and 1 elder branch (general req for any rune making). This worked few months back (evidently i have the rune in my storage lol, so as some other people who made it before) but got ninja changed recently. If this is indeed a bug, then I'm curious to know who/when it changed....
  11. this report would increase the final damage (possibly by a lot). Because from the typical atk% = non/boss mod, which only affects e.atk, it turns into AtkRate that affects both s.atk and e.atk. In game, most "atk%" gears are using non/boss mod that is shared with AK, TG etc, except some new items (using AtkRate script), And it will somewhat diminish aura's Atk star stone, because that is using AtkRate; in RO when trying to get most dmg you want to even out the modifiers as much as possible... because maths. 1.2x1.2 > 1.3x1.1 i dont get what you mean by atk% > atk rate%,
  12. Takudan


    Consider backdoor way by manually setting resolution at diinput.ini file, but note that resolution over 2k seems to never work with RO. It always gave me error when i tried to run on high res
  13. Takudan

    Your opinion about the cheapest chars

    ummm actually i (or "we"?) forgot about support class... if you're going with any party, random or with friends, AB is definitely cheapest, and you also help others in saving their supplies (heals, magni for sp regen, buffs to dmg more etc). sorc is also a good choice for good striking/endow and sometimes LP, plus you did mention about doing abras (but i dont think this is very effective if you can't solo all the mvps fast).
  14. Takudan

    Your opinion about the cheapest chars

    In pvm ofc it's not reduced because mobs have no reduction to begin with. If you're referring to woe/pvp then that's wrong because it's now reducible - ranged, racial, element, just like most other skills. DB is good in general but being only fire/water, it's ineffective against high dark/holy mobs. +1 Ranger, usable in almost any situation (even if there's any mvp that uses defender, you just need ab clearance / sorc dispel to remove it), and <=+7wwset, gxbow are all relatively cheap p.s. i didn't find any bonus question
  15. Takudan

    Demihuman reduction stacking twice

    haven't gotten online since this report; no news at all so this isn't fixed? RIP woe, its a wonder how weekdays woe passed without a single complaint @@