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  1. koma

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    Do I understand correctly that you do not want to correct this error? This ring is sold on the market for 350m. A newcomer who is not aware of the situation will be very upset if he buys an item that works opposite to the parameters specified on the wiki.
  2. koma

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    This is not a problem, man. The problem is that there are both kinds of chants. Do not you think this is not normal?
  3. koma

    GMT Enchant has Var Cast INCREAE

    Hello, guyz. What wrong with this?
  4. koma

    GMT Ring VCT Enchant Bug

    (-5) + (-6) = (-11) it's math
  5. koma

    Magma Eruption and Mado

  6. koma

    Insta cast for DB & DBW

    rofl. As far as I understand, the changes will be available after the next maintenance, right? When will it happen?
  7. koma

    Insta cast for DB & DBW

    @Lai my ing char name is komandante. Im online now. I wrote you in the discord.
  8. koma

    Insta cast for DB & DBW

    @Lai Good. But what should I do now to make it work for me?
  9. koma

    Insta cast for DB & DBW

    Yes, I know about two parts. Dragon Breath spell has a Fix Cast Time of 0.5 sec. The character is wearing Temporal DEX Boots, which remove the FCT. I wrote about this in the first message.
  10. koma

    Insta cast for DB & DBW

    ofc, i attached replay. The video shows that the spell is, albeit short no incast 548 point.rrf
  11. koma

    Insta cast for DB & DBW

    Who are you? Can I be sure of your answers?
  12. koma

    Insta cast for DB & DBW

    Next version of what? When this fix will be added in game?
  13. Gday The skills Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath Water have fixed cast time (0,5 sec) and variable cas time(2 sec). (On RMS skill id 2008 & 5004 respectively) With Temporal DEX Boots [1] fixed cast time reset to zero and for variable cast time the following rule works: DEX*2+INT=530=insta cast. Should work... But I am not able to insta cast with >530 total according to the above formula. Here my stats are: INT 130+50 = 180 DEX 130+54 = 184 Total according to formula = (184*2)+ 180 = 548