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  1. Just as the title says. I dont understand why it has a 1 min cool down. Since Maya p is not allowed during silk woe i think its the right call. Back then when silk woe was max refine +10 we were able to have Maya P and Box of Sunlight still had a cool down. Since Maya P is now removed i think we need to remove B.O.S CD. The Cool Down duration is longer than the item duration. Kinda crazy >.>
  2. Gucci

    Error just after login

    woah im getting the same thing. Also dont have patcher in folder. guess ill delete and re download the whole thing.
  3. Gucci

    Refine guide plz?

    @BabyCakeTB unless you can get a lot of HD ores i wouldnt recommend them. ITs almost impossible to get to +9. Ive wasted around 100 and got 2 +9 items. At the end i regretted wasting so much cash points and wish i would of just used +1 safe ore. Where do you get these numbers? the reason i gave him a list of items rather then give him a percentage is because no one really knows the success rate. We can only base it off official but since we are a private server for all we know its half of what we really think.
  4. Gucci

    Refine guide plz?

    @Theodosia right +1 refine ore, not +1 ticket. Thanks for going into more detail for him. This was all top of my head so couldnt go into detail.
  5. Gucci

    Refine guide plz?

    Im not so sure on Refine rate, people would tell me percentage for success but no proof. I could tell ya which refine item is a bit safer/has higher refine rate. Normal Elunium and Oridecon are the standard use for refining. (Can break if fails) Enriched Elunium and Oridecon have a higher success rate than normal elu/Ori. Can get woe Castle loot/Cash shop (can break if fails) HD Elunium and Oridecon have a lower success rate than normal Elu/Ori. (WILL NOT BREAK, if fails -1) +1 ticket Armor/Weapon This is the best way to safe refine. 100 cash points +1 (WILL NOT BREAK, 100% success) PS:these items are just for +1-10 (not including +1 ticket) cant recall the name for refine items +10-16
  6. Gucci

    Change BG 2

    4 different types of BG now........................................................... ok
  7. Gucci

    Change BG 2

    @Lai I thought by gathering the community together and gaining a lot of support i would have been able to convince you that BG needs to change. Its been a while since you've seen so many people +1 a topic. Instead our suggestion was completely ignored and BG 1 and 3 are the only one with changes. By having unlimited mvp cards you just easily killed off some jobs. Good bye Warlock and sorc. This move is so unfriendly to newbies who couldn't even survive normal BG 1 with just one mvp card. BG 3 is just terrible. To have to pay for BG3 another horrible movefor newbie players. BG3 has not been used AT ALL! Adding unlimited mvps just made it worst... Is their even a point to making suggestion topics? i feel like we are never heard........
  8. Gucci

    So woe seems to be ruined as far as new competition

    when you say "new competition" exactly how many people are you talking about? As a member of 007 during the weekday ive notice sometimes its just us defending the castle, during the weekend is when its action pact. With the castle reduce to just two i think that the correct amount. As of right now their are 3 guilds for woe. For silk its Black Cats, Stars, and 007. For normal woe its really just Star and 007. The reason i ask how many people you are talking about is because i believe you're just talking about a handful or a few individuals who like to break side castle for loots. They dont woe at all but only show up last 5min to break the extra side castle. That is not fair to guilds who woe such as stars, 007, and cats. To open up more castle will just lead random 1 man guilds to break them. That defeats the whole purpose of woe.
  9. Gucci

    Snack Food Exchange System

    Bump Bump this benefits all (pvp,pvm,woe) Since the update of them losing affect upon death, many ppl stop using +10 food including myself because they are so hard to obtain. I have end game gears and im rich (not trying to brag but prove a point) but even i dont use these. I think that says a lot.
  10. Gucci

    Change BG 2

    looks like ur wrong thanks so much
  11. Gucci

    Change BG 2

    Bump Is this a possibility or a dream come true? @Lai
  12. Gucci

    Gladiator Tournament

    @Lai Fun Run here, didnt receive CE Box.
  13. Gucci

    Change BG 2

    @Lai Adding maps isnt really helping the problem though. We arent suggesting the old kvm because it was fun (even though it was) its cause it only lasted 5min. If their is anything i want you to consider is how long BG has become. Example conquest, has a max time of 25min( after breaking 2 stones, 2 cades, emp) after breaking cades/stone the timer reset 5min. Silk BG is always dragged out and Conquest takes on average 15-20min. @Lai 20min in this server you can finish IS, OGH, faceworm. heck even ET can take 20min (ive done 30 solo) BG has become time consuming thats all........
  14. Gucci

    Change BG 2

    @Lai your thoughts?
  15. Gucci

    Change BG 2

    Banshots? i dont know what that means. Also BG 1 is tolerable because it has normal gears. The damage difference between normal gears and silk gears is too much. BG 1 isnt dragged out like BG 2 is. Even if we reduce the npc/cades for BG 2 you still cant kill as fast so it will still drag out. We have many new players joining BG and MANY of them dont know what to do. Some of these maps are complicated for no reason. Wouldnt a simple 5v5 make things so much easier? 5min you're in and out. Again i dont think we need to make a change to BG1 because of normal gears.