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  1. Gucci

    Allow Elvira Card in Silk Settings

    -1 If this was before updating warlock i would of agree but this would just make them more broken
  2. Gucci

    WoE Everyday

    +1 but not everyday dude. Just add 2 in the weekdays.
  3. Gucci

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    redux is not a problem at all in silk woe. you guys just want to be invincible and that isn't what silk woe is about. You can wear redux gears top to bottom and be able to tank everything but of course your damage will suck and you can't kill anything. Or go full out attack (like i do) but you're squishy as hell. Silk is about a limited amount of equipment and deciding whether to go full atk or reduce or a balance of both. Were trying to fix one problem but you guys are trying to have 100 solutions that doesn't make sense. Of course their are certain skills that do more damage than others. Its just part of the game. Trying to add more redux gears to tank certain skills will just be worst overall and bad for other skills. Comparing a job to another job makes absolutely no sense at all. What other jobs have has nothing to do with the problem at hand. You're literally just complaining about the game itself. You know what else is part of the game? Box of Sunlight and the cool down is custom to limit RO. It is not official and it just seems like your being bias.
  4. Gucci

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    -1 and +1 i don't agree with your suggestion to fix the problem but i do agree that GX is a problem. My suggestion would be to bring back Maya P but i think some people would be against mini boss in silk (even tho we have Ghost ring atm and had maya p before) So i would suggest removing delay on Box of Sunlight. That delay is custom to only Limit and should be removed. But the real problem is GX is still bugged. Even though Cross Impact was fix damage wise from range to melee, you can still cast it range and do melee damage. The GX should jump at the target when using Cross impact. Also crit chance should be half of what it is now. @Lai
  5. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    A whole other thing to counter? I’m literally telling you they have a skill to counter it but still your not satisfy because they might have to reset? A PVP WL should already have earthstrain and saying if the other person has earth restiance makes it useless makes no sense. Earth strain already removes the shield even if the person has GTB. So damage output doesn’t matter since with GTB they do no damage but can still strip. Honestly what’s pissing me off is you @Lai and all the PVM players. You guys have no idea what balance pvp fight is because you don’t pvp. To say it’s not fair or not balance because you have to switch skill/status compare to gears is BS. The whole point to PVP is the person skills/status then comes the gears. But don’t worry I realize that no matter how many points I make you guys still won’t get it. So by the end of the day I’ll post a video of WL vs SHURA and show you.
  6. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    @Lai if they already have the skill then they don't have to reset. If they don't then of course they have to reset. And i dont see a problem with that at all. Just like me everyone can use @phone and save their skill points. I have 4 different skill builds for my shura and 3 for my genetics. Depending on what class im fighting i switch to the appropriate build. Once the skill points/status points are saved it takes less then 3 sec to put it on and its saved forever. (YOU CAN SAVE UP TO 6 DIFFERENT SKILL/STATUS POINTS!)
  7. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    when i said "skill" i meant Job skills and the reason i didnt hit every point you made because it makes no sense. To counter GTB/100% range no item out there will help you out. The only thing that will is the class job skill. And every single one has a way to counter it. And any class would lose to any other if they were naked that makes no sense.......
  8. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    you dont counter them with VIP or items you counter them with skills!!! @A i k e n you cant reach 100%redux and it has nothing to do with 100%long/Magic @Logout no answer? its simple no outside buffs when you enter. Only agi and blessing. We have also suggested this a long time ago.........
  9. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Redux on CE has nothing to do with achieving 100% range/100%magic or any other type of donation item
  10. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    @Lai just please leave everything alone. Even though it says 100% magic/Range doesn't mean their aren't ways to deal with them. Every single Job that has magic skills has another physically skill to counter (yes even a sorcerer) The only Job that doesn't is a Warlock but even then they have earth strain which can strip your enemies shield even if they are wearing GTB. (GTB goes on shield) Even for 100% range every single job has another skill they can use against it. (Yes even a ranger) The only Job that doesnt is a Rebellion but even then they have a skill that can break your Headgear and shield. Which is part of the set of equipment you need to achieve 100% range. i think you should just leave everything as it should be. GTB isnt OP in BG/Woe. It may be OP in PVP but isnt that why we have silk pvp? Also GVG where you can only wear one mvp card. To nerf or change things just because people don't know how to counter these things makes no sense.
  11. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    I find it so crazy how many people here want it nerf for PVP but don't even pvp. As long as PVM isn't nerf its ok? GTB IS MORE OVER POWERED IN PVM THAN PVP/BG/WOE. and i would like anyone here to say that it isnt!
  12. Gucci

    Physical vs Range vs Magic crisis!

    Can i just ask do any of you play shura? You do know at level 10 goh can not be spam like in the video. The only way to spam Goh is using level 4 and lower and the reason for that is level 4 and lower is not range but melee. Also to do it at the speed just like in the video you need high aspd and keil card. A lot of people who dont really play shura complaining about a skill they dont really know about........
  13. Gucci

    Remove Box of Sunlight Cooldown

    Just as the title says. I dont understand why it has a 1 min cool down. Since Maya p is not allowed during silk woe i think its the right call. Back then when silk woe was max refine +10 we were able to have Maya P and Box of Sunlight still had a cool down. Since Maya P is now removed i think we need to remove B.O.S CD. The Cool Down duration is longer than the item duration. Kinda crazy >.>
  14. Gucci

    Error just after login

    woah im getting the same thing. Also dont have patcher in folder. guess ill delete and re download the whole thing.
  15. Gucci

    Refine guide plz?

    @BabyCakeTB unless you can get a lot of HD ores i wouldnt recommend them. ITs almost impossible to get to +9. Ive wasted around 100 and got 2 +9 items. At the end i regretted wasting so much cash points and wish i would of just used +1 safe ore. Where do you get these numbers? the reason i gave him a list of items rather then give him a percentage is because no one really knows the success rate. We can only base it off official but since we are a private server for all we know its half of what we really think.