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  1. Change BG 2

    @Lai your thoughts?
  2. Change BG 2

    Banshots? i dont know what that means. Also BG 1 is tolerable because it has normal gears. The damage difference between normal gears and silk gears is too much. BG 1 isnt dragged out like BG 2 is. Even if we reduce the npc/cades for BG 2 you still cant kill as fast so it will still drag out. We have many new players joining BG and MANY of them dont know what to do. Some of these maps are complicated for no reason. Wouldnt a simple 5v5 make things so much easier? 5min you're in and out. Again i dont think we need to make a change to BG1 because of normal gears.
  3. Change BG 2

    ^ if you're like him just read "my suggestion" the rest above that just explain Battle ground 2
  4. Change BG 2

    Topic Name Change BG 2 Character Names: Gucci Describe your suggestion What is this? change bg 2 Why do we have to add it? more balance Who will benefit this? All Will this change the system drastic? for the better Room for improvement? yes Before i get into my suggestion for Battle ground 2 and what i want to get changed, i wanna explain the current situation with BG2. If you BG a lot you know the battles are split into 3 different type of maps. Conquest,Rush,Dominion. Dominion: In this map its a huge circle with 6 small area that you must stand near to capture. (kinda like capture the flag i guess) When the area is caught a Dragon appears (nidhog dragon). With Silk Gear this Dragon can one shot most classes. Also this map takes about 5-15min Rush: In this map the 12+ players are split into 3 teams. The goal is to RUSH to the emp at the end. With all 3 teams starting in the same time in the very beginning. Right away it ends up being a all out fight. Forgetting the objective people just fight dragging out the map. For the people who go to Emp who know how to play are waited by a NPC Shura who can one shot ANYONE. This map takes 5-15min. Conquest: This map is like woe. 2 stones, 2 cades, emp. Goal very simple break everything go to Emp. This one takes about 10-20min. When it comes to the silk gears i think they are perfect. Old and new players can play since the gears for any classes are much easier to get and very simple. This problem could be fix very easily if the NPC/cades were reduce compared to BG1 but that is not my suggestion!!!! My suggestion: Change BG2 into old KVM 5v5 (or 6v6) i dont see this being a problem since silk gears are balance. The reason why i say change BG2 rather then reduce the npc/cades is because of how time consuming these maps have become. In each map i gave a average of minimum and maximum time they take to complete. But in silk BG they reach max time most of the time compare to minimum. A perfcet example is Conquest. Conquest always drags out to max time and if you think about it, thats 20min. 20min IS BASICALLY A MINI WOE!! Changing BG2 to KVM set up gives it a max time of 5min. Before shutting this idea down lets hear what the community has to say
  5. Snack Food Exchange System

    +1 this will be very helpful since they disappear now. Especially for woe since you die every other minute. Also seems very balance since you're losing 5min when you trade them for 5 pcs.
  6. Question about costume - can we try it before we buy?

    @Lai its happen to me a few times while checking for CE in vending harbor. I went now to see if i can find any in VH but couldnt so i guess many were updated. The only example i can give you is Aquarius Crown (Woe silk box prince). I know for sure you cant see that one, i asked 3 people if they could and none could.
  7. Question about costume - can we try it before we buy?

    The CE npc use to let you preview the CE before getting it but that was removed. The only other way is to see the CE as a item (like in vending harbor) and click preview and your character will appear in a picture with the CE on. You can also click 360 degree to look around with the CE on. Even with this though not all CE are updated and sometimes all you see is nothing (blank). I agree, i wish their was a easier way to preview them. Just last week i made a CE that took me two whole days to farm. I thought it was a top HG because you can enchant it 4 times. Turn out to be combined mid and lower. Also looks horrible.
  8. How do you catch Mistress

    Rather then flying around and looking for mistress, can try to just stand in one place. Eventually she will teleport at you and try to hit you/Jupitel thunder. Aim for that. XD
  9. Reduce WOE castle

    i agree 1 castle and one guild can monopolize but i also believe 5 castles is too much for the amount of people who woe. i think 3 castle should be the number. wow another topic where you're complaining about alliances. it does get under your skin XD
  10. 15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    i have been playing on this server for about 7-8 years (on and off) and i have woe with many guild such as fallen, icf, Bee, and now 007. So yeah you guess right i was from Bee. Since you wanna bring up im from Bee, i would like to say yes we have allied with other guilds before but at one point we were the top of the server. I remember at one point we had 4 guilds against us. That also goes for the other guilds i have been part of. (maybe not 4 guilds against us) Since the beginning of woe people have always use alliances to take out the top dog. Even when alliances were remove from woe that didnt stop people from teaming up. To complain about alliances is the same as complaining about loki. Its part of the game.
  11. 15.05.2016 (Skidbladnir)

    to bump something thats months old, this must really get under your skin huh?
  12. Silk Mode 2018

    i think the best silk woe was No MVP cards, no DP, any equipment not pass +10, and any consumable (DP consumable no). I believe this was the most balance and silk was at its peak when the rules were like this.
  13. Limit Championship - Free Signup

    IGN: Gucci Tim Zone: Eastern Time Zone FB: Emilio Cespedes
  14. What do you dislike about LimitRO?

    I hate the new main chat and waiting 10 second to relog after opening storage.