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  1. Name: Meilrose Ivanne Callose Ingame Character (Main): OP Nico Robin LimitRO Experience: 3 Years RO Experience: 8 years Languages Spoken: English , Filipino, and a bit of Nihonggo Timezone: +08:00 (online 12 to 15 hrs every day ) What do you think will be your most useful contribution as a Helper? Give information to newbies about LimitRO Farming information Items, Cards, Build ups Information Instances INformation E.g Enlighten new players, what would be my first Character Job in LimitRO Reminder about the Rules and Regulations in Limit RO Monster and Card information Advise new players Consultant National Community ( Where do my Hommies hang-out in Limit RO ) to become your very first LimitRo Friend
  2. Hello, I just want to report something about the Amistr Bag Pack, Its seem its not alined in the GX when im wearing it, i also wear it at my Ranger it its fine, its only in my GX who has a problem on wearing it,
  3. IGN: Larah Croft Comment: Belhelmel is Furious, What a' Chef
  4. Player : Sebastian Leonardo Category:
  5. im here since November of 2014.. almost 7 months..