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  1. Manor

    are there any gms on anymore ;-;

    he needs guidance for financial matters HAHA
  2. Atom sucks, Give my Money Buck

  3. i already did as i said upon entering thana_t07 there's a warning logo on the portal that says only transcendent job are allowed to enter, i wonder how the sorc name DarkSorcerer get his linker upto thana_t09
  4. i wonder how can you get your linker to thana_t09 because even if you are married with your linker you can't call him using Imissyou thing skill, and thana_t06 floor prohibits not transcendent class job
  5. Manor

    Changing Sphere in MatoMato

    i have a suggestion and i hope that it would be still possible, hope that lai could bring back the changing of sphere in matomato because before there was an option of changing sphere in matomato that cost 5m zen+ 1 gold.
  6. Manor

    New Socket Enchantable Equipment

    [3] Bhook damn awesome, How about [3] HS? so i can put 3VR on it
  7. Manor

    Changing Sphere in MatoMato

    is anybody there knows how to change Sphere in matomato because before there's an option that can change Sphere.
  8. Manor


    i wonder what happen to the donation NPC, because last time i can change my donation sphere in the NPC but now there are no more option of changing donation sphere, is there still a possible that i can change donation sphere?