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  1. Sheep Poo

    BG Classic Store

    Add the Military Ration C. it was on BG NPC Before now its gone =( 33 Flee is Huge. My supplier can't sell me anymore
  2. Sheep Poo

    Old Glast Heim Beginner Mode

    Proof or didn't happen. Re-do and record
  3. Sheep Poo

    Silk SE Friday auras are usable

    This Guild have been woeing soo long on that woe ( Check the Invest If you have doubt ) , using those gears. but none of them Report xD BAHAHA if we really go into Limit RO rules which is bullsht. people who abuse bugs and doesn't report should be ban xD Bug Abuse Exploiting and doing other things deemed against the rules by a GM will result in an insta-ban. Report all bugs/exploits to the GM team via PM Immediately. (Exploiting: Abusing a bug in the game for self gain.) but doubt it =D Just showing our Limit RO player that Rules only apply when it suits them.
  4. Sheep Poo

    Godly Enchanter

    Nah, it wont break cause its 100% success and it gives max enchant you could possibly get. P2W
  5. @Yuuki @Lai @PVP/WOE - Effect This is good, But if we ever implement this. Reduction Damage Gear should also improve. i Don't Mind this since as for me i can get this. but think of the balance. Mostly the things you can see are Damage Improvement. If you want i can show you a Sura TGK Doing 300k++ Damage on a Full Reduction Class/Gear. @Note - You don't even need to know how to play, just seeing the numbers on them already shows how powerful they are. soo i hope GM's Don't fck this up @PVM Doesn't Matter. This is End game, By the time you get it. you already soloing all MVP even before you get it. anyway +1. And btw we also have this. Already balance as it is. you just need to give a way on how to obtain. we even change Donation Aura for it. But Was ignore. and did i say that the only thing we need to do on this one is "Just Give a Way to Get the item and done? Already Implemented. No change needed its balance."
  6. Things that aren't even implemented on game are being added on Silk xD LMAO... maybe someone got it? How to get though

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    2. Sheep Poo

      Sheep Poo

      We Focusing on BG to much thought Limit going into MOBA RO, didn't expect will have updates

    3. Lai


      @Sheep Poo, we have fixed newbie to mid player with Limit Academy and Limit Group. and now it's time for us to focus on BG - to make sure mid players can all attend have fun until they become mid +++ players, if you know what i mean.

    4. Akin


      If+the+war+badges+required+for+the+class+specific+shadow+gear is+a+bit+less.+Im+sure+more+players+would+be+ecstatic.+It+feels too+much+grinding. You+can't+even+get+the+full+effect+at+the+moment.


  7. Since BG and WOE is super customized. Please have information's and details for the woe and BG. Silk WOE = Cards that are implemented, guide on where to get Silk gears, What are things that can be used. and why is it like this. Normal WOE = just say the limitation. Single mvp card. BG = rules on this BG. what gears you can and can't use. and state why you do this. @NOTE - Pro Player 1 : Why do we need to state or say why we customized it this way? So people would have an idea why you are doing this rather than giving them assumptions that you are just doing this cause you feel like it or just want customized stuff. Making them think newbies are really welcomed (since this changes are cater to them) and Getting stronger is not a waste. @ in game info. we got helper but they can only answer simpleton questions. not detailed information. TY
  8. Sheep Poo

    RWC Accessory Enchant

    NPC Name Goldberg NPC Location Asgard Describe the bug: The #0 and #1 Slot enchantment should only have a chance to reset all enchantment of the Ring by 25%. At the moment we have 25% chance that the item is destroyed and gone forever. Why do you think this is bug? Source : Slots #0 and #1 hidden enchantment has 25% chance of resetting all enchantments
  9. Sheep Poo

    RWC Accessory Enchant

    NPC Name Goldberg NPC Location Asgard Describe the bug: Goldberg NPC's Reset Enchantment. Resets all Enchantment in 1 Go. When it should be 1by1. where you can pick what Enchantment you want to remove Why do you think this is bug? Do you follow any guide? Source : 3. Each individual enchant can be reset using a RWC Enchant Reset Ticket from the Kafra Shop One can acquire the "perfect" accessory this way by resetting each individual enchant until the desired enchant is reached.
  10. Sheep Poo

    Nightmare Mummy Card Bugged

    i see. kinda weird then if its cast on self. and when the skill trigger i face the enemy i cast it on (the one hitting me) tested with multiple enemy. so i thought it was cast on enemy. i hope it works like Example a Ranger Hitting me 9 Cell away. should trigger the effect and make the people around me (11x11) sleep. well lets see
  11. Sheep Poo

    Nightmare Mummy Card Bugged

    when you made it cast on enemy. when there's a cell gap it didn't trigger. got killed 5x with 150k HP ranger hitting me with 1 cell gap. Never trigger Ranger get close Hitting with bow. no cell gap. Trigger x3 without even dying once. ill test again since you are saying it works with cell gap
  12. Sheep Poo

    Nightmare Mummy Card Bugged

    Alright. Tested this Thoroughly and the Report is correct @Mnemosyne if we base our judgement on the item description. Just Tested this. 1 cell gap from the one hitting and the one getting hit is not triggering it. while it should trigger. description from getting Physical/magical Damage should trigger it. at the moment its working as: No Cell gap. Triggers the effect even if you are doing Bow/Magic. Any form of attack. so long there is no cell gap between you and your target it will trigger. But Once you have any Cell gap between you and the target. even if its 1 Cell (Tested) it will not trigger. Correct Behavior Should be: Taking Physical/Magical Damage Should Trigger the Wide Sleep Effect. even if its more than 5 cell away (11x11). Example a Ranger Hitting me 9 Cell away. should trigger the effect and make the people around me (11x11) sleep. Speculation on how it behaves and Roots of Bug: 1.The Wide Sleep is considered a Skill/Spell/Active With a Melee cast range. so having 1 cell gap doesn't trigger the Skill. (Reason why Range Is not triggering it) 2.The Skill is being Cast on the Enemy player that is hitting you. Meaning if they are out of range from the skill. the effect would not trigger. reference to 1 for the skill cast range. (Confirmed by your character facing the Enemy player when you cast it) -My speculation is that. The skill has a Melee range making it not trigger when you take Physical/magical damage. Since Bow without Cell gap - Trigger Magic Without Cell gap - Trigger Having a Cell gap - None Easy Fix: Make the skill Self cast when it triggers. Done @Note - This is if we follow the Card description Source :
  13. Sheep Poo

    Update Supply Machine

    Woe Affiliated Items: Buffing Items : Make All of this Removed on death and can be dispelled to balance and burn more zeny. <- not tradable as i heard <- Last for 2mins and Removes on death and can be dispell Others : <- Collection So people gets random Scroll and end up spending more to get what Transformation they want, RNG is Fun Kappa <- No Idea (seems interesting) <- good for new player keeping their mercenary SP up and spam Skill 24/7. faster leveling <- To Heal their mercenary Just abit of example on what we can add.
  14. Sheep Poo

    Update Supply Machine

    Topic Name : Update Supply Machine Character Names: Help Describe your suggestion : Add new things on supply machine What is this? : Just adding new stuff Why do we have to add it? : For fun and to burn zeny in the server Who will benefit this? : None Really, they can buy it or not. doesn't give advantage anyway Will this change the system drastic? : no Room for improvement? WoE Enemy Other : Just Add Transformation Scroll. Example are the Transformation Scroll in Iris. That can make you turn into Poring/Deviruchi/Marduk and more. doesn't give any advantageous buff but would give fun for players as they can turn to different kind of monster. @Note - I specifically made the topic into "Update Supply Machine" So if others got any good suggestion we can just post it here and discuss.
  15. Any new update? can see lots of suggestion in community opinion approved by people =D