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  1. Felgrande

    Update Sailor Cat

    The NPC needs to be updated to include new costume equipment previews. For example, Lovely Cat Ears (obtainable with enough achievement ranks) currently is not preview-able. Same for other new costumes like Poring Clay Jar. Talk to Sailor Cat. Enter item ID of costume equipment. Leads to "Invalid ID."
  2. Felgrande

    First Sky Fortress Key Keeper

  3. Felgrande

    First Sky Fortress Key Keeper

    @Yuuki I just went through the instance, and I did not see the key keeper at the final wave at the beginning of the instance... Edit: I just did a CL instance and got a Bacsojin (Non-MVP version, id 1689). This is reminiscent of the unfixed version of CL. Maybe the configurations of all instances were not set properly? Please investigate...
  4. Felgrande

    Discrepancies with Item Drops

    @Lai Owl Marquis & Owl Viscount still not fixed....
  5. Felgrande

    First Sky Fortress Key Keeper

    Currently, I do not see this sky fortress key keeper spawning along with the final wave of zombies at the beginning of the instance
  6. Felgrande

    RK Runestones Maximum/Cap/Limit

    @Caphleo Then withdrawing more than 20 from storage while having at least 1 rune already present in the player's inventory should not trigger the limit/maximum message, but it does. So I guess this is what should be fixed?
  7. Felgrande

    RK Runestones Maximum/Cap/Limit

    @Inkfish May I know where you are pulling that information from? It will normally not let you craft more than 20 runes. It will also normally not let you withdraw more than 20 runes. 1 existing rune in inventory -> withdraw 20 -> maximum/limit message displayed 0 existing runes in inventory -> withdraw more than 20 -> no limit Edit 12.28.17: Quoted from https://irowiki.org/wiki/Rune_Mastery
  8. Felgrande

    Evil Snake Lord Hat

    The in game description says the bonus starts at +6, when it starts at +5. But I guess I know what you mean. It would be helpful if the in game description matched the actual effect.
  9. Topic Source Report Your Char Name: Feltaki What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? (You went open your freezer? That counts. yea that's what exactly means) Craft Runes Store ALL of one rune type Withdraw ALL of said rune type from storage Bypasses the runestones cap/limit Describe the bug as much as possible. The maximum runestones should be 20 for LimitRO, yet anyone is able to bypass this by storing all in storage, and withdrawing all from storage Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) If I had 1 rune ALREADY in my inventory, it will not allow me to withdraw past 20. If I tried to craft runes past 20 pcs, it will not let me Have you tested? Yes
  10. Felgrande

    Evil Snake Lord Hat

    @Yuuki @Caphleo Thank you for clarifying. So ESL hat, even though under the iRO description in divine pride says it should have the WoE box effect, it is not implemented because the WoE boxes are customized in Limit. But for CEB, the iRO description in divine pride is what we follow despite the kRO description and despite the in-game description. If this is the case, what is the best way for us to sort out the most accurate information, because certainly those in-game descriptions are not cutting it for these exceptions?
  11. Felgrande

    Evil Snake Lord Hat

    @Caphleo Thank you for clarifying. So the database that's from db.irowiki.org, is not from iRO.... strange, and we follow the description from divine pride (is this not the kRO description, as is the case for ESL hat)? 🤔
  12. Felgrande

    Evil Snake Lord Hat

    @Yuuki Does this mean CEB has no +12 restriction? (+20 CEB gives 32% increased physical damage and reduced received damage from demihumans?) And also, is there a list where we can keep track of which that don't follow which? (not iRO, or not kRO, or custom, or etc...)
  13. Felgrande

    Lovely Cheek Materials

    I do not know if it is intended but currently, the assassin mask listed for Lovely Cheek pertains to an assassin mask that is unobtainable? (Divine pride lists it as from OPB but I cannot verify this) Also, the assassin mask (5054) on the LimitRO website database carries a sphinx hat sprite. I do not know also if this is reflected in game. May I please ask if this can be investigated.
  14. Felgrande

    Discrepancies with Item Drops

    These are some mobs that have discrepancies with @whodrops and @monsterinfo. @mi seems to be the most accurate source of information between (LimitRO Website Database, @whodrops, and @mi) Owl Viscount & Owl Marquis should drop Monocle [1] but they do currently do not. The following should drop the corresponding CE but currently do not: 1513 Civil Servant White Musang Hat 2019 Ancient Tree Little Orange 2165 Gold Queen Scaraba Queen Scaraba Crown 1083 Shining Plant A Leek 1370 Succubus Succubus Doll 3029 Grim Reaper Ankou Reaper's Curse
  15. Felgrande

    Evil Snake Lord Hat

    I believe this effect should be re-instated? From the prior report on Bacsojin doll hat, divine database seems accurate, and its effects are listed in the same manner as this hat. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5464/zaha-doll-hat-1