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  1. Special One Week Daily Gift

    just make it account made within this week wont get any
  2. Cart Cannon

    when i used a cart cannon skill for genetic, even tho i have a cannon ball, tested with different "balls" it says please put proper ammunition.
  3. Battleground

    affordable and reasonable price of gears and rewards currently price of items and the reward badge is insane just saying.(reason why people not being encourage to play bg) as for my own opinion
  4. Couple's Memory

    Ingame Name: Yama Shita and kapeng maygatas Combo name : Yamagata -To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with- "mark twain"
  5. BG C Adjustments

  6. Hey guys have you tried this?

    they are playable via mobile simulator like bluestacks
  7. PM abuse Abuse !!!

    oh again. its you!
  8. Be our partner 2.0

    this is really a nice event. but the only thing i don't like is people who receive prizes from the first event can't join.. @Ingram: Thank you! Don't worry, we gonna have more events.
  9. Be our partner! =D

    i reached 22 like already
  10. Be our partner! =D

    IGN: FixSenbuR Youtube/Vimeo video name: LimitRO Bakonawa Quest by FixSenbuR. Youtube/Vimeo link: Your post on facebook:
  11. this is how i woe lel

    have fun
  12. To think about

    this is how i woe