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  1. Special One Week Daily Gift

    just make it account made within this week wont get any
  2. Cart Cannon

    when i used a cart cannon skill for genetic, even tho i have a cannon ball, tested with different "balls" it says please put proper ammunition.
  3. Crash Compensate Event

    Included mvp cards?
  4. Couple's Memory

    Ingame Name: Yama Shita and kapeng maygatas Combo name : Yamagata -To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with- "mark twain"
  5. PM abuse Abuse !!!

    oh again. its you!
  6. Be our partner 2.0

    this is really a nice event. but the only thing i don't like is people who receive prizes from the first event can't join.. @Ingram: Thank you! Don't worry, we gonna have more events.
  7. Be our partner! =D

    i reached 22 like already
  8. Be our partner! =D

    IGN: FixSenbuR Youtube/Vimeo video name: LimitRO Bakonawa Quest by FixSenbuR. Youtube/Vimeo link: Your post on facebook:
  9. Help Romeo to get laid!

  10. Help Romeo to get laid!

    do i need to give him all of the flower's and fruits list? or just 1 of the following fruit's and flower list?
  11. morning. Gmt +8 when the server is up
  12. Cat Ear Beret / Red pom band bonus

    gago you mick.. ikr im just agreeing on the post.
  13. Cat Ear Beret / Red pom band bonus

    as i understand the CEB, @+9 it should be on 10% reduce damage only. since only above +4 will be counted. yes +5 is 2%,+6 is 4%, +7 is 6%,+8 is 8% ---> +12 is 16%.
  14. Again this player...

    yea? you calling me?