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  1. Snafu

    Amistr Bag does not show when equipped

    Up - this problem is still not solved as of writing
  2. Snafu

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    Hey, it's been a long time! I thought I'd return for a bit and try the new Illusion dungeon in Comodo. Here's me on solo!
  3. Snafu

    Costume Mask Gemstone Bug

    I could say the same for the Flash gemstones. They are not giving the additional flee and perfect dodge. (No, I did not use more than four flash gemstones, so that means the effects should still be there.) Then again, Zohan could be right that the bug relies on the mask since my flash gemstones are also in my silent executor CE.
  4. Snafu

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    Yes! Muse I'm not good with combos. Does insignia stack with volcano's boost? Did you use fire insignia level 3?
  5. Snafu

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    Quick update. I tried this but for me I found ventus (on lvl 1, then defensive mode) was much more beneficial as the mobs rarely reach me in the first place and I can run quickly to get the treasures right before the next wave. To each his/her own, though thanks for sharing!
  6. Snafu

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    added new videos~ sky fortress and bijou instances!
  7. Snafu

    Halloween Chef!

    Your Character Name: Tariss Your choice of receipt: Banana Ghosts Your pictures: Progress pics under the spoiler tag: And here we go! I kid you not. Use longer bananas next time. The MnMs were falling off their faces. Happy wishes: Happy Halloween!
  8. Snafu

    kRO 2018 Siege Update

    Finally, an item that can reduce psychic wave cooldown
  9. Snafu

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    Added new video~ (click on the spoiler to reveal)
  10. Snafu

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    I'm using her for fire cave. Psychic wave won't hit the ghost morroc unless I turn it into water element.
  11. Snafu

    [Video] Judex rocks!

    I know, I know... Adoramus is bound to be a favorite since True AB card is around the corner. Let us judex for the lulz, then!
  12. Snafu

    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

    @Haniko, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! Welcome to LimitRO! Hope you get a meeseeks to help you ace this one out!