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  1. @Hades I think @Inkfish need you give him source or answer, Arm Cannon in official RO, casting animation is same as AD casting animation got yellow cast aura ? *****Example: Cart Cannon is blue cast aura **** Arm Cannon is Yellow Cast Aura ---- YES
  2. Happy birthday bro! 

  3. Test 1: Take off the Shoes use DD Test 2: Put in the Pororoca Shoes
  4. New Sorcerer jRO weapon😍 

    Flame Thunder Witch's Giant Staff [1]
    Int + 5, Dex + 10.
    Matk + 350.
    Reduces variable casting time by 30%.
    Increase fire property magic damage by 10% per level of Fire Walk user learned.
    Increase wind property magic damage by 10% per level of Electric Walk user learned.
    Increase fire and wind property magic damage by 5%, ignore mdef of enemy by 5%, increase Fire Walk and Electric Walk damage by 30% per refine rate.
    If refine rate is 7 or higher, curse enemies who are hit by Fire Walk, silence enemies who are hit by Electric Walk.
    If refine rate is 9 or higher, increase Fire Walk and Electric Walk by damage 100%.
    If refine rate is 9 or higher, reduces fixed casting time by 70%.
    Class : two-handed staff
    Attack : 200
    Weight : 270
    Weapon level : 4
    Required level : 130
    Usable job : Sorcerer 



    1. Caphleo


      This is one mothereffing OP weapon. Lol

      When +9, +370% damage to Fire/Electric Walk, +95% Fire/Wind magic damage. Ignore 45% of Mdef.

      Fire/Electric Walk aside, this is too OP when used for Spell Fist. /rice

    2. Chester


      Spell Fist,Varetyr Spear, PW/rice

      But can't wear Shield


    3. Caphleo


      Sorc is pretty tanky anyways. You can sacrifice some int for more vit with this weapon. Energy Coat reduces damage by 30%,  that's already like wearing a racial card.


      Elvira + Gioia + Tikbalang + Ventus + this staff = /gg

  5. Actually cost of Coin for Armor and Accessory is exchanged in our server, and I believe this is not bug, just the cost of coin is follow jRO only魔力増幅リング/身体強化リング/ because we change NPC can buy the fenrir power scroll(kRO and iRO dun have this kind of benefit, only jRO have it), cost increase to 70 in our server, official cost just use 20 coin onlyフェンリルの呪符/
  6. what packet tools should we use?
  7. only the ways is waiting rathena official release, they already open the project
  8. thank info I remember Silversmith Bracelet is Spell Breaker, Dispel is from VR Card only. @S e n t i m e n t a L quick go buy VR😁
  9. Oh No, I hate this : ( , but I remember reflect shield can be dispel is't?
  10. I hope can full remove all the customized, like Mvp and Mobs skill and skill condition, and drop rate
  11. Old: magic damage + magic damage * sf lv/2 Now: magic damage + magic damage *(100+5*sf lv)/100 Correct: magic damage *(100+5*sf lv)/100 OLD: 2900+2900*5/2= 10150 Now: 2900+2900*(100+5*5)/100 = 6525 Correct: 2900*(100+5*5)/100 = 3625 **2900 is fire bolt full hit damage
  12. i forgot she got this video?, the reference note(checked jRO is 2014 start 3rd job) is come from Official jRO website, mention about recast the same mode again will cancel the skill(even Passive mode), but the video show dun have this limitation. For my conclusion, maybe server silent changed and/or is common bug on this(good is can confirm in iRO and kRO)... @teluoborgif you dun mind, can test other 3 element also can work properly and defensive mode switch to passive mode will work or not also << and you can test this method work fine on LRO?
  13. Therefore, @Caphleo I not sure iRO and kRO how it working, this update reference link is in jRO on 2014 implement(?). Take a Example: You cast Defensive mode and cast Defensive mode again only will cancel the skill, if you cast defensive mode and change to Passive Mode the skill Zephyr should be still continue 15sec , so this is the concept what was i thinking... Defensive > Defensive = Cancel Defensive > Passive > Defensive = Recast 1 time Zephyr << this is jRO spellfist user cast Zephyr video
  14. I not sure this is a bug or not on the defensive mode(no source on iRO and Kro to proof), actually this skill correctly will be like Passive Mode, Passive mode if you recast the Passive mode again the skill will be cancel, I check source on jRO also got mention about the skill recast will canceled the skill Link for reference:-
  15. Spell Fist DMG still Bug...