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  1. 1. Old Version Varetyr Spear is 2 sec cooldown 2. New Version Varetyr Spear 5 sec Cooldown Google Translate >> Varetyr Spear is definitely a good skill, but the 5 second cooldown is too small.
  2. Insignia have 1 minute Cooldown and 1 minute duration , impossible can cast same element Insignia in same time exclude you want test 2 sorcerer cast in same cell only
  3. Chester

    kRO Update 2019

    , hopefully they don't put reflect on Amdarais
  4. Chester

    Illusion survivor's staff

    @Yuukiplease double check again english and korean description also mention Mage class can use it. 마법사계열, 복사계열, 소울링커 계열 >>> *Mage class, Acolyte class and Soul linker Jobs: Mage classes, Soul Linker classes. >>> Missing Acolyte class in English Description @Yuuki @Krithe Illusion Wizardry Staff also same issues Usable By: Warlock, Sorcerer장착 : 전승 마법사 계열 >>> Transcendent Mage same as Illusion Staff of Bordeaux @Sephyloncan please check this 2 staff in Test Server is item issues or description issues only, i don't have those item.
  5. Chester

    GMT Ring VCT Enchant Bug

  6. Chester

    Holy/Undead Elemental Scroll

    +1 Please bring back 3%*25 Server Drop Rate
  7. Test 1: Enemy Target didn't wear any equipment deal Dmg 5700 Test 2: Enemy Target wear Armor Damage Deal 5350
  8. Chester

    GMT Ring VCT Enchant Bug

    why just pending this topic
  9. Chester

    GMT Ring VCT Enchant Bug

    Test 1. 100% VCT Reduce Equipment ~ Instant Cast Test 2. Take off Magician Glove(-10% VCT) ~ No Instant Cast Test 3.Equip Magic Intensifier Ring with -11%VCT ~ Increase Casting Time(Bug) VCT is Reduce become Increase.mp4
  10. Chester

    Allow Elvira Card on Silk BG/WoE

    +1 those all is mini-boss and normal mob card, why not
  11. actually this wiki a lot of information is not correct😅 @Lai look at this video by right is Cast delay only, i think iRO is correct this video like for weapon blocked successful cast 10 time Counter Slash
  12. Chester

    Coluseo Heal "Cooldown"

    Jro many skill is difference than iRO/kRo In Jro server, Coluseo Heal no Cooldown and have 1 second Cast Delay only Source:
  13. Chester

    Item Release Suggestion

    Item Name: Staff of Puffy [1]- Item ID: 26152- Official server: jRO, iRO(Not Sure but DivinePride got Eng Version)- Source Links: Which year was this item released in officials? Both Official in 2018 - Describe short how to obtain it in official server: iRO-Overseas Care Package(?) , jRO-Limited Time Sales(?)- Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: Attack Extra 5 Range and Pros and Cons on Bolt Skill, Sorc & AB- How should LimitRO release this? Deepsea Item Name: Mirage Dagger[1] , and Other Mirage Series - Item ID: 28723- Official server: jRO only- Source Links: , Other:ミラージ- Which year was this item released in officials? Official in 2017- Describe short how to obtain it in official server: <--jRo exclusive Instance- Describe how good this item is, for which job benefit: Attack Extra 5 Range, play melee job also can fun play range, some Mvp can reflect melee😉 - How should LimitRO release this? New Instance or Deepsea
  14. Oh Sorry this my Bad, I have confuse myself. This show case I missing 48% Ice Bolt from the Chilly Spell Book. totally sum is 1.98 but i report the formula is 1.48*1.5