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  1. ?
  2. iRo changed and revamp Comodo Hat Festival, Now New Effect more useful than Old Effect
  3. Chester

    Giant Growth behavior

    DMG before Asir Rune? I mean you should test without Asir Runestone first (older is add ATK-7 only, new is add Atk-70) , next step you should activate 2~4 rune to test it...
  4. Chester

    Giant Growth behavior

    look at the video you provided, you lack of use another rune(example: Asir), don't forgot still have other rune is updated not only this rune. please test again
  5. Chester

    Possible Giant Growth incorrect behavior?

    Look at this kRo guide if you don't believe...
  6. Chester

    Aqua incorrect bonus damage DD I believe formula is correct and the Aqua is boost damage on formula not Final Damage, but you can report as missing Matk+40(I no test, please test yourself, i just based on your screenshot only...) Before Aqua formula = ((5*123)+(5*200)*175/100)% =23.65 253*23.65 = 5983.45 (no calc on Mdef) After Aqua formula : (300+(5*123)+(5*200)*175/100)% = 26.65 (253+80)*26.65 = 8874.45 (253+40+80)*26.65 = 9940.45 << Odin Power : (253+100)*23.65= 8348.45 Please correct me if i wrong = )
  7. Correct Behavior: FCT (seconds) = (BaseFCT - Sum_FCT) × (1 − Max_FCTReduc ÷ 100) Max_FCTReduc = Highest reduction modifier of Fixed Cast Time (for example: if both Sacrament (50%) and Radius(20%) are active, only Sacrament will work) Current LimitRO Behavior: Item and Equipment FCT % can stackable in server now << Current Server is Incorrect on this skill FCT % are not stack with Item and Equipment << Current server is Correct on this ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step By Step Example: 1. Use Equipment total with -100% VCT (Sprint Ring, Beelzebub Card, Fallen Angel Wing 3 pcs Spell enchant, Int Boots with Spell, and Gemstone for Cast) 2. Test Using Bacsojin Hat With Fenrir Card -70% FCT 3. Test Using Sarah Battle Robe with Nidhoggur Shadow Card - 50% FCT 4. Test using Fenrir Card and Nidhoggur Shadows Card << Incorrect, both was Stacked now 5. Test using Fenrir Scroll and Fenrir Card << Incorrect, both was Stacked now 6. Test using Fenrir Scroll and NIdhoggur Shadow Card << Incorrect, both was Stacked now ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion Fixed Cast TIme reduction % should not be stackable , All skill with Fixed Cast Time only use Highest reduction modifier to Calculation only. @Yuuki, @Inkfish Other Proof & Reference: IRO: KRO: Older Post
  8. Chester

    New Cards & Enchants

    Shit, This is all what i need
  9. Chester

    [Video Compilation] Testing my PVM Sorc

    use Time Holder Card
  10. Chester

    Bacsojin Hat

    @Yuuki -0.8 FCT per refine only correct, i found this Kro Player have make a video to explain about this Source: Baeksojin hat is top headgear that has chance to become Baeksojin(White Lady) temporally. This change gives following bonus : Last for 2 + 1 * [refinement/3] (sec) Matk increases by 30 * refinement 0.8 s FCT reduction Chain lightning has 1s of FCT and 3s of Cast delay. In this video, I used Temporal Dex boot & Baeksojin hat to remove FCT, and Magic strings to remove Cast delay. If such condition meets.. Chain lightning becomes one of the most powerful damage dealing skill in RO.
  11. Chester

    Disable GTB card in BG2

    +1 RO developer really hate magical and very eccentric , make Thanato Card to Physical, make GTB to Physical, but don't know why don't want create to magical
  12. Chester

    Monster HP?

    HOLY SHITTTTTTTT, Change!Change! Change!, useless and unnecessary thing keep doing, important thing keep DeLAY Now...
  13. 1. Video can show you Elemental Shield has 10sec Cooldown(bug point1) 2. Video can show you the Skill Duration only 10sec on Penuma effect(bug point2, actually this 10sec is original duration for common Penuma) This skill correctly is don't have any Cool-down, and Level 5 Elemental Shield have 40sec Duration