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  1. Chester

    Stopping JRO Gear Progression

    I wish to necessary to add this following itemโ˜บ๏ธ, please don't add all to limitless island...: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.~17.(Extra Extend). ALL 12 Zodiac Set (jRO in progress)
  2. Chester

    how to obtain Shouting Megaphone

    As i remember , this item previously is get from Daily Check Event in Year2017/2018
  3. Chester

    Any way to get -1s of FCT without bio5 hat?

    Yes, every class can wears them, Job Gemstone customized in LRO.
  4. Chester

    Any way to get -1s of FCT without bio5 hat?

    you can try get this 2 type Job Gemstone:- Archbishop Stone (Epic)+ High Priest Stone (3rd) Soul Reaper Stone (Epic)+Soul Linker Stone (3rd) This 2 Combo will great help for you
  5. Chester

    Spell Fist Interaction With Splash Effects

    mean create a suggestion poll, let player to agree this topic
  6. Chester

    Stuff of Puffery Request

    @Lai ๐Ÿ™ /Bump would you will put it on Deepsea City Treasures?
  7. Chester

    Add King of Spirit Circlet

  8. Chester

    Big Crossbow reducing ASPD instead of adding Base ASPD = [ 200 โˆ’ { 200 โˆ’ ( Job Base ASPD + Shield Penalty โˆ’ ASPD Correction + โˆš[ AGI ร— 9.999 + DEX ร— 0.19212 ] ร— Aspd Penalty ) } ร— { 1 โˆ’ Potion ASPD Mod โˆ’ Skill ASPD Mod } ] Based on irowiki, you should be reduce more than that๐Ÿ‘†, correct me if i wrong
  9. Chester

    Increase the dropping of the Maya and Mistress

    this also is 2.5% drop only๐Ÿ˜…
  10. Chester

    Stuff of Puffery Request

    I don't think this item can prevents reflect will become OP item... Because from melee physical change to range physical , so reflect is no working on it(example: Reflect Shield is reflect melee, not Range). But all the Reduce Long-Range % still can reduce Spell Fist damage like +9 ASG, Defender and so on.
  11. Chester

    Stuff of Puffery Request

    @Sephylon DivinePride English Description missing when refine+10 enable use Double Attack LvL 3. Sadly that Lvl3 Double Attack Not much help.
  12. Chester

    Stuff of Puffery Request

    jRO Review: Pros when release this Item: Normal Attack from melee 1 cell change to range 5 cell. Prevent Melee Reflect Skill. Save HP Pot and make you not easy died. Easy build with instant cast build. Please give Yes and a chance to Spell Fist and AutoCast Sorcerer ๐Ÿ˜Š.
  13. Chester

    Adoramus Damage

    @KucingKucing I also facing same issues, previously hit Bloody Knight and Abysmal Knight in OGHH just 2 shot, now i need 3-4 shot Diamdon Dust to kill... if you also same issues, i believe is race and element part got some issues again...
  14. Chester

    New Varetyr Spear cooldown is changed in kRO

    @Krithe if you feel not disappointed, you can ask @Laito revert back to 2sec, i don't mind about on this. I just find out the fact and report to here, if you think abuse bug you will more proud of yourself just go ahead, thank.
  15. Chester

    New Varetyr Spear cooldown is changed in kRO

    you see this player another video that is 5 sec PW