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  1. The bug is that, if Arms Cannon is instant cast-ed, there should be no animation just like AD when instant cast-ed. No animation = the character stays the same means no yellow aura, no swinging of hands, no throwing of things, hence no character animation.
  2. What about Acid Demonstration/Acid Bomb from Geneticists? You can instant cast acid bomb with Fenrir Card+Fenrir Scroll. No animation on the skill if instant cast. It's also a damage skill.
  3. Can we have other class as reference? This should be the same with AB's Kyrie Eleison. With Dex Boots + -100% cast reduction = Casting KE will have no animation. You can test it.
  4. Star Stone Box. Never again.


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    2. vincentcen


      GG scammed by star stone

    3. Ssechtre


      51 minutes ago, vincentcen said:

      GG scammed by star stone

      it breaks my heart #FeelsBadMan

    4. Hilmir


      Oh no...

  5. [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    thank god i did not bother making this
  6. bump more reference.
  7. Login Screen Contest

    Char Name: Ssechtre Image: BMP FILE: final-bmp.bmp About: Clash in the battlegrounds. WORK:
  8. Fire Sandman Card

    BUG: It doesn't reduce the physical and magical attack from Fire Monsters.
  9. Reduce Nidhogg's Nest Instance cooldown to 1 day. Can?

    1. Satele


      Make a suggestion, if ET and some instances had their CD reduced this shouldn't be deniable, the rewards on this instance aren't really op, most of the people only go for the fire scales.

    2. Akin


      Make a suggestion. The instance require a long series of quest also. 

  10. Fire Sandman Card

    It does add defense: OFF vs ON The 295 damage I received is from Fire Ball. The card should reduce the damage.
  11. Fire Sandman Card

    Item Name / Item ID : Fire Sandman Card ( Describe the bug Reduce 10% damage taken from Fire monsters not working Give your source : Wearing Fire Armor[1] with Sandman Card = Receives 295 Damage Wearing Fire Armor[0] = Receives 295 Damage Your Char Name / Your Char Stats : Ssechtre
  12. Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    As Lai said, someone is trying to abuse the event. -Make 10 forum accounts? -Get 5 VIPs each Paint entries. -Profit: 50 VIPs
  13. Xmas Event #2 - Artwork Galore!

    Title and IGN: "A gift for nerfing my home" by Ssechtre Artwork Images: Description: It's Christmas so I looked up all the features in game involving the holiday. I came up making having an artwork with the theme of Horror Toy Factory Instance, since her home has been nerfed recently to follow the official mechanics. She's now depressed after having been killed so many times by limitRO players. She's offering a gift of appreciation for torturing her. SPOILER ALERT: The gift contains 1,000 cash points.
  14. Snowman Calendar 2016

    So any person who has 12 alt accounts for VH or anything else got 12,000 CPs now? Wow!