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  1. Ssechtre

    How to avoid stefan J Wolf earthquake

  2. Ssechtre

    Valk Hammer VS Red Naght on CC Naght[R] Wins by a large margin Result <img src="" class="img-responsive">
  3. Ssechtre

    biolab nightmare energy debris

    Or we could have an option to convert all <Selected Item> to xxxx(random) of Energy Debris.
  4. Ssechtre

    Dungeon Difficulty

    It was GM Future's idea to make it difficult for players in this server. I was against it but what can I do?
  5. The bug is that, if Arms Cannon is instant cast-ed, there should be no animation just like AD when instant cast-ed. No animation = the character stays the same means no yellow aura, no swinging of hands, no throwing of things, hence no character animation.
  6. Some are not rewards, but feels rewarding if implemented -Lessen(or add option to skip) the long dialogue in early stages of Geffen Magic Tournament -Lessen(or add option to skip) the long dialogue on Old Glast Heim -Follow the official Faceworm Instance, the difficulty in our server is too customized. -Apply x25 Server Drop Rate to Charleston Instance and Airship Assault Instance -Increase amount to 2~3 of Mysterious Parts drop from T_W_O in The Last Room Instance - Add to Warper the ff: -Central Lab -Last Room -Charleston Instance
  7. What about Acid Demonstration/Acid Bomb from Geneticists? You can instant cast acid bomb with Fenrir Card+Fenrir Scroll. No animation on the skill if instant cast. It's also a damage skill.
  8. Can we have other class as reference? This should be the same with AB's Kyrie Eleison. With Dex Boots + -100% cast reduction = Casting KE will have no animation. You can test it.
  9. Star Stone Box. Never again.


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    2. vincentcen


      GG scammed by star stone

    3. Ssechtre


      51 minutes ago, vincentcen said:

      GG scammed by star stone

      it breaks my heart #FeelsBadMan

    4. Hilmir
  10. Ssechtre

    [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    thank god i did not bother making this
  11. bump more reference.
  12. Ssechtre


    I think limiting to 2 accounts was not a good idea. There are circumstances that more than 2 accounts should be able to @autotrade in VH. For example: -You are selling 36pcs Valk Shields(needs 3 accounts), -Selling 5 pcs +9 White Wing Suit for 600m (needs 5 accounts because of 1b limit) We might have players who play on shops that can have issues with 2 id limit. Issues: -We can't add huge taxes or autotrade fee because it will kill newbies -Multiple accounts flood the Vending Harbor, thereby leaves no room for other players -Vendors stacked in one place causes lag My suggestion: Add 3 Vending Harbors mainly God Tier VH, Mid Tier VH, Shit Tier VH. All these VH can have @autotrade to multiple accounts. Cannot @autotrade if the total amount of their items do not reach the expected range each tier. God Tier VH - Only players that have a total items of 400m~1b can vend in this place. Meant for players who sell 4pcs +7 Red Naghts(200m ea), 5pcs VIP Coins, +6 RBD, etc. -Huge Tax for rich people -Will hesitate rich people in vending multiple accounts -Deleting huge zennies in the server is healthy. -Anyone who fakes their items to 100m+ just to Vend in God Tier will suffer huge tax. Mid Tier VH - Only players that have a total items of 100m~400m can vend in this place. For mid players selling their 3pcs +7 WWM(50m ea), 100pcs Death bins, etc.. and other mid tier gears. -Moderate tax Shit Tier VH - Only players that have a total items of 1~100m can vend in this place. This is meant for newbies who sell Giggling Box and other shit items and old players selling cheap stuffs. -Tax Free or 1% ---------------------------- In this feature, -It will be much easier for players what VH to visit with their current amount of zeny/wealth. -There will be no need to walk in a place where all kinds of items are put together may it be rare or trash. -Maybe less people each VH? Which reduces the issue of lag -Taxing or having fee will be fair to rich vs poor players -Players can sell all their items without concerning 2 accounts limitation.
  13. Ssechtre

    Deepsea City Treasures v2.

    my bad.. make it mage/acolyte class exlusive
  14. Ssechtre

    Deepsea City Treasures v2.

    kardui ears + laphine shield pls... +1 make kardui ears warlock exclusive...
  15. Ssechtre

    Login Screen Contest

    Char Name: Ssechtre Image: BMP FILE: final-bmp.bmp About: Clash in the battlegrounds. WORK: