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  1. Fluffy Ribbons

    War of Emperium: Training Edition

    i don't think that it is even possible-bio w homun s. That aside, i thought the idea was rejected by the Gms?
  2. Fluffy Ribbons

    RIP Odin Power~

  3. Fluffy Ribbons

    RIP Odin Power~

    lel, make do with it It was an luxury to start with~
  4. So Corrupted Spells can Enchant Slotted Temporal Boots but not Coagulated Spels...

    1. F a i z

      F a i z

      whu the fak gives corrupted spells????

    2. Fluffy Ribbons

      Fluffy Ribbons

      Likely NPCs from HardMode

  5. Fluffy Ribbons

    [Request] Custom NPCs at Gonryun

    Issue isn't about NPC Far or lazy to walk.. Some NPCs are located in a messy fashion. Majority of NPC are Ok. Just some minor fix requested to make the NPCs more organized. The Idenfier Dog, suggested to be down the map next to peco NPC. We're suggesting it to be even further away from our town center. Why? The dog was located with the cow and Tamer quite messily. Same as Cow and Tamer. Tamer suggested to be with the card remover gang, which is much further away from where it is now. Cow suggested to be close the the healer NPC cuz that's how it is in most towns.
  6. Fluffy Ribbons

    [Request] Custom NPCs at Gonryun

    The Suggested position of some of the NPCs Rental: 178,110 Buffer Cow: 152, 104 PvP Warper: 166, 109 KvM Warper: 166, 112 Identifier: 168, 67 Coin Shop: 142, 112 Banker: 139, 115 And I think you missed the resseter. Can't find it. Suggested: 178. 113
  7. Fluffy Ribbons

    Guild Dungeon Level 2

    Hall of Abyss as Level 3 too. Though I DO remember Future mentioning HallofAbyss as WIP a few months ago, the same post mentioning about Deepsea Exchanger WIP which was implemented very recently. Well, its a package that comes with the WoE Armors and Bellum Weapons and stuff like that. Which some claim to be biased towards Killers and makes support classes laugh. Those people that were against stuff "buffing" killers and creating "imbalance" in terms of making support classes look like "sitting ducks", not sure if all of them are still here playing. The same people who are against 175/60 and New Skills.
  8. Fluffy Ribbons

    Where i can see the Server Rules and i still waiting -.-

    You cannot change email of account to prevent Illegal Trading of Accounts among players. (If im not mistaken) Lai or GM Thirsty can help you, just message them on forums. Rules? There are rules already posted here. Just find them.
  9. Fluffy Ribbons

    Unban me dude

    ========= =======
  10. Fluffy Ribbons

    Quest: Oliver Wolf Hood Quest [Eclage]

    Think before this, they don't even have the NPC's. Just bear with it paola Future is 1 man army working on updates.
  11. Fluffy Ribbons

    [jRo] Horror Toy Factory Update

  12. Fluffy Ribbons

    NPC Location and Future Update Questions

    As far as I know, no one has bugs with their skill points. So the absence of the npc can be accepted. New Cap comes with New Skills which require new client, which is soon.
  13. Fluffy Ribbons

    NPC Location and Future Update Questions

    2. Soon 3. Mixed. You have some stuff from 14.1 and some special episodes.
  14. Fluffy Ribbons

    King of the Ring

    For example @USRC, some Jobs have to meet a certain level cap. eg: Royal Guard used cannot be more than level 124. Items have refine limit, eg: +4 Some Items and skills are outright not allowed. eg: Jackfrost So with so much rules to play by,........
  15. Fluffy Ribbons

    King of the Ring

    USRC Anyone?