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  1. So Corrupted Spells can Enchant Slotted Temporal Boots but not Coagulated Spels...

    1. F a i z

      F a i z

      whu the fak gives corrupted spells????

    2. Fluffy Ribbons

      Fluffy Ribbons

      Likely NPCs from HardMode

  2. Ahhh At least make the Deepsea Equipment Socket Enchantable. Dofle Axe and Magical Blade can be made into [3] versions. Don't mind the [3] Battle Hook.

    1. Future


      i don't think we'll applicate their socket enchant... it's so jro..

    2. Fluffy Ribbons

      Fluffy Ribbons

      But the Deepsea Equipment is jRo stuff...Well Im suggesting to just make the deepsea items slottable, others can be left out.

  3. GM Futureeee When will you implement DeepSea Equipment Exchanger NPC? It's been ages D:

  4. Question for the GM's. When Eclage Patch comes, Costume Mid and Low CE's would be craftable in-game. Would it be implemented as it is?

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    2. forcemajeure
    3. ChupaChup


      omg~ they need like a nice cute Donor >3< , but honestly that would be a nice idea <3

    4. Rohail


      I suggested something like this years ago, but I guess this will never happen..

  5. It's better to not fixed something that is normal, it'll end up being worse.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ChupaChup


      ~.~ they nerving system.. trigger chance 2% , slotting chance 4% ~.~ nice works

    3. Stinson


      but they say 2% is official tho. w/e.

    4. Fluffy Ribbons

      Fluffy Ribbons

      ahah, found a source saying otherwise.

  6. zzzz Deepsea Exchanger WIP But months have passed T_T

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    2. Fluffy Ribbons

      Fluffy Ribbons

      it's a NPC that makes weapons for me :3

    3. forcemajeure



    4. F a i z

      F a i z

      u mean u u or my wifey?

  7. zzz when for Deepsea Exchanger and New Slot Enchant?

    1. Future


      new slotting is so jro....

  8. Future when will the Deepsea Equipment Exchanger be implemented?

  9. Im looking foward to le new SKILLS. If ever.When new client can be released?

  10. Thanks Future, though some Item Bugs now XD namely the Corrupted Spells not being obtainable in game and DEX Boots has Script bug.

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    2. Future


      not implemented yet

      maybe come from the Hard Mode OGH

    3. Parthurnax


      yeah Chupa like Hard core

    4. ChupaChup
  11. I filed a few Reports. Future fix plzzzz Gh stuff

  12. I think @Mi has problems....