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  1. its been a while... whut happened here?

    1. Lai


      many new weaps!

  2. Gaming became boring nowadays mostly to those old player like me, and I'm kinda busy too IRL making a living, so right now I'm on to collecting CEs and use them to suit my desired look for my characters, but I'm not that rich so I only have few CEs tho. here's mine btw soviet "conscript" look from red alert 2 lol Red beret + biogas mask fireman or "Remover"mob look Fireman+ biogas mask lich lord skull + wonderful beast ears (to make it look more pointy) +gold cross to suit the "knightly" armor owl duke silk hat for my vendor i was planning to get cube mask for the combination but its kinda hard to make so its just alarm mask for now here's my other vendor Cat santa CE + santa's bag (armor) so that's it for now, post yours too!
  3. Gundam

    200 Flee VS 300 Def

    hello, Im a Spear-Shield crit-Rk, usually solo some instances, so im kinda thinking, which is better for tanking, StefanJEW card or Fay Kanavian Card? SJEW card: Adds a chance of increasing FLEE by 200 for 10 second when dealing physical attacks. Adds a chance of increasing movement speed for 10 second when dealing magical attacks. Adds a chance of autocasting Level 5 Fire Walk when wearer receive physical attacks. Adds a chance of autocasting Level 5 Electric Walk when wearer receive magical attacks. Fay Kavanian Card When dealing melee physical damage, has a low chance to transform into Golem for 10 seconds. During Golem form, Def + 300. Class: Card Compound on: Shoes here's my stats on solo full buffs btw
  4. Conducted an experiment to Abra (class Change) MVP's Slaves, Now our Abra MVPs has MVPs as their Slaves, its funny how Thana is slowly moving following Edgga 

    1. S e n t i m e n t a L

      S e n t i m e n t a L

      Did the eddga summon Bigfoot too? 

  5. That Thanatos Sword tho

  6. Gundam

    Valk Hammer VS Red Naght on CC

    pardon if someone asked this already coz I've been inactive for a while. so I dont have both weapon but i wanna compare, +16 perfect enchant naght vs +16 Valk hammer on PVM - CART CANNON lets focus on average medium size MVP, and let's set aside other sizes, scenario and situation to make the topic less complicated +16 Naght Red -EA6, 2xWK, VR VS +16 Valk Hammer -2xWK, 2xTG I know nothing about damage formula and computation so I've asked some of my friends about this and they keep insisting that weapon ATK contributes a lot then there's this +16 valk hammer owner and he insist that the Hammer is much better so please enlighten me, TIA
  7. Gundam

    Valk Hammer VS Red Naght on CC

    Thanks a LOT guys!!!
  8. Gundam

    genetics spore explosion

    i mean ur gonna use +7 harvester to get and use thorn seed for CW
  9. Gundam

    genetics spore explosion

    for farming, use cart cannon or recycle some thorn for crazy weed, if you have problems on tanking, better get Sera and buff Pain killer
  10. how much is elvira card right now?

    1. Cj


      I believe the price for that card with suddenly drop because of the update in Mystic OCA.

    2. Gundam


      thanks, some says its around 1-2B

  11. what's the right equip to remove Axe Boomerang's CD?

    1. Ssechtre


      Strength Complement(Armor)
      2x Dexterity Complement(Accessory)

      Which can all be obtained in Verus by doing Charleston Instance.

      There's an update. You just need the 2 accessories.

    2. Gundam





  12. TY for being part of testing new BG, hope u guys implement those stuff soon, i want those +10 all stats @[email protected] 

    1. Yuuki


      :) Thanks for testing

    2. JinToki


      +10 allstat shadow eq? O_O

    3. Yuuki


      It's a set of 6 items. But 4 of them we haven't released yet.

  13. Gundam

    [Solved] No Doubt a Noob Question, But Costumes....
  14. Gundam

    The Most Popular Jobs in Limit RO

    I go for Gene
  15. B> Magical Ring :)

  16. Did they make any changes on Crazy Vines? hits reduced?

    1. willusion


      yes, its repaired to its official behaviour

    2. Gundam


      I'm Happy it was based on official set-up, and Sad at the same time, I can no longer kill Thana mobs on 1 CV skill :(

    3. willusion


      i feel u bro, 1 more less powerful skill for gene :D, but at least i enjoyed CW already

  17. Gundam

    Help!, My Gear became Apple!!!

  18. Gundam

    Help!, My Gear became Apple!!!

    After this Changelogs (May, 2 2016) My Kardui's robe became Apple! I was Selling it for 1B at VH then after Maint I lost it on my cart, It became Apple *sigh Please Help
  19. marami akong nsalihan na pvm guild, wala pa naman akong narinig na negative comments about ph players, siguro hindi lang ako active at di nako ng woWOE? kung meron man akong kaargument hindi naman nauuwi sa racism, pero siguro d ko lang natetyempuhan yang peenoise comments. Pag naging mabait naman siguro sa mga players di naman siguro makakarinig ng negative?
  20. Gundam


    anu meron dito?
  21. Gundam


    Welcome to Limit-RO