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  1. Ryohei

    ... just because I can.

    I miss forumz. <3
  2. Ryohei

    Limit RO Haiku Thread II: Electric Boogaloo

    To play or not play Questioning is no answer To be a master
  3. Ryohei

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone, my name is Ryo and I used to play on a few different servers in High School/College 8-10 years ago. (No, I don't feel old at all! And I'm being serious... lol) I have a lot of dreams, passions, goals, and qualities that I still aspire to be, but I know that if I steadily work towards it, I can be them. I just... don't quite *know* how right now, so I'm getting into some self-help/psychology/spirituality/etc in order to be a much healthier person. It's important to learn these skills and teach each other, but know when to get help when absolutely necessary. I'm gay, quirky, yet gentlemanly and neither too outgoing or reserved. I believe that anyone can do/be/amount to be everything they desire in life. Even if they're at a disadvantage. My favourite characters to play are: FS High Priest, Full Offense High Wiz, (uhh... I used to LOVE Grand Cross) Paladin (but tanking is something I do well as long as people don't wander too far from me while using Sacrifice and I can see myself, lol), Champion Monk (SOOO fun), and SinX's. Solo heaven... up until a certain level, haha. High rate servers are fun, but can get boring. I find myself good at using these characters and working either solo or in a team, but struggle with getting good equips. Quests are more fun together. It would be interesting if I obtained 10000 jellopies, 10000 orc vouchers, and 100 hero emblems by myself. (actually, that makes me sound so pro LOL)
  4. Ryohei

    LimitReplayer.exe Virus

    Hello, So it's not my first time playing on a server, but RO is something that I tend to go back to. After completing the installation, my Kaspersky Antivirus detects a virus in LimitReplayer.exe, and then when I go to start the game, I get the following error. I've seen a thread similar to the error I'm seeing, however I'm unsure if I could get a non-infected LimitReplayer.exe file to see what happens. Thanks for all your help.