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  1. Up Refine not working, True sight and lex aeterna not proc
  2. How to get Laser of Eagle?

    1. dredlknot


      You kill the eagle and get the laser... kidding i think you can get it from woe treasure room or something not 100% though needs confirmation of players who actually have it.

  3. [FORUM EVENT] Maybe Yes, Maybe No

    Is it token of siegfried
  4. [FB EVENT] Let's Play Limit RO!

    stalker event
  5. 100 mistress killed, 0 young twig. FUQ

  6. Doram Skills Psychal

    Power of Flock: when i use nothing happens
  7. [Anniversary Event] Get Yo Lai On!

    Bait advertising
  8. Npc MayoMayo

    Oh, ok...
  9. Npc MayoMayo

    He is gone, not in the spot
  10. insulting via pm

    nice print screen
  11. Player of the Month

    no one
  12. pay to win

    1. vincentcen


      no, you wrong. i didnt paid anything. just time + hardwork = win

    2. turnover214


      Play to complain xD

  13. @QuittingAgain