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  1. Satele

    Changelogs - Illusion boosting!

    50% is way too much @Lai, maybe a slight increase would have been nice but not killing it
  2. Satele

    RNG Random Number Generator

    Not cool @Lai Vips are around 170-180-190m because of price spike/people spiking the price for their own benefit and being more needed for our new super RNG features on cash shop, plus not many selling them now due to low influx of players compared to past years It would be okay to correct the user but not to straight up low insult him because not many have the time to "Stay in touch", which is probably going to be one less player on the server, making this place less unpopulated than it is now. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back to topic. Been playing for 5+ years now so hope this counts The biggest RNG part on this server imo is deepmines and the new RNG boxes Deepmines giving access to equipment giving access to more builds/character effectivity/etc, is locked behind RNG going by that you need to do tens of tries on slotting rare drops or farm for really low drop % equipment that is really spending too much time ingame if you make it by yourself just so that someone can buy it at a low price (Considering it is way easier to buy things than to make them most of the times) On the new Cash Shop Feature that got implemented recently, it has TOO much RNG factor going by that we were all expecting to be just one type of stone (Being there both Type I and Type II) So instead of a healty rng for the stone that you want that would be 1/12 chance, it became 1/24 (Or even higher) to get your stone and then being it not the one you wanted for your build instead The best way to overcome this would be separating the Type I and Type II stones by making separate boxes for the Type II stones There wouldn't be much more of a loss in gain but probably a gain on sales because people would be more encouraged to buy the boxes being that they will get their own class stone of the type they want with a better rate and the type they are going for while having the option for the second type box if they want to play an alternate build ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway. Just my two cents here as a bit old player in here now, i think if these changes would be good for the server in general and keep sales going on a healthy basis being mindful of the players too which is something that is getting forgotten a bit, not asking for everything being spoonfed like all the commodities newbies have but making veterans alike have a good time playing and not a stressful stay on the game considering if you have longer staying players = more active donators and more money for your wallet Keep it in mind 'kay?~
  3. Satele

    Cap's Noob Guide to Bow Shadow Chaser

    Sorry for necroposting, but ts needs more love With illusion dungeons and rock ridge update, these are good items to take note on Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card +7 agi +7 hit, triangle shot likes agi Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card str+ 4, str+ 4%. Seems like a solid atk boosting card, dunno if better thanGold Scaraba Card, probably with high atk it may be. Best if using combo for extra str +3, str +3% Vigilante Bow [2] Budget weapon for doing bow shenanigans, good at +7 but not better than other bows on higher refines Bow of Vicious Mind [1] Stronger alternative to crimson bow with the downside of losing a card slot, though the enchants may be worth it, i'd recommend this bow for using Thief's Recommendation Vol.1 [1] since if you are lucky enough, you can get indestructible and ranged % enchants to surpass crimson +15 at the same refine. Ancient Wootan Shooter Card Upgraded version ofMenblatt Card. This card has the 1% for every 10 dex but also gives 1% aspd increase and for icing on the cake, +40 atk when you have 120 DEX, definitely a must have.
  4. Satele

    Creative Meme Contest

    Character Name: Roughcut Meme:
  5. Satele

    Awakened Ferre wrong race

    These are the current stats for Awakened Ferre in LRo, where boss is of the Undead race According to Divine Pride, stats are these, where Demon race can be seen as the race of the boss ID LEVEL RACE ELEMENT SCALE HEALTH ATTACK MAGIC ATTACK SPEED (CELLS/SEC) ASPD (ATTACKS/SEC) 3073 140 Demon Undead 3 Large 19.471.800 1.540 - 2.140 1.040 - 1.640 5,00 0,42 RANGE HIT FLEE DEF MDEF STR AGI VIT INT DEX LUK 1 440 530 200 68 200 100 200 200 220 100!/en/KRO/mobdetail/3073 All sources state boss is of the demon race
  6. Satele

    Rune Knight's Giant Growth Damage

    Tbh, it was obvious that there was something wrong on the formula, see kro or iro videos about crit rk and you'll see that they were doing smaller damage than rk here with overupg gears compared to rk doing big damage with trash gears on this server
  7. Satele

    New Cards & Enchants

  8. Satele


    IMO, wiki was a good concept but bad execution. Din't have a lot of "Original Content" as there were builds with hats or equipment that aren't in this server or copypastas, better to lurk a bit on forums to find answers
  9. Satele

    Unattaching Gemstones from CE

    What if someone made the Legendary Hat and wants to detach gemstones? "Hurr durr just make another one" Hell, even someone that had the cash to make that one wouldn't do it again Something more realistic on unattach system would be a medium zeny fee (i.e 50m) for a 70-80% sucess rate of keeping your hat when unattaching or a 1 vip 100% safe unattach Seems like you don't know how hard is even to make some of these hats, yo. Ya need weeks or months of collecting items because some items are damn hard to get and just making another one is a big discouragement for the peeps that really like one hat and took their sweet time to make it.
  10. Satele

    Does slot advertisement keep upgrade levels?

    As i remember, slotting turns the item into another one, starting fresh with a new equip Slotting ad just prevents breaking
  11. Satele

    Costume Headgear List

    Evil Druid Hat [1] And add a different box to guild bases, make it a bit more unique instead of crappy 800 ep boxes, since it's hard to even win the shave event sometimes
  12. Satele

    Add some guns from JRO

    +1 Rebel needs some love
  13. Satele

    Costume Headgear List

    @Lai Trying to make the server the most "Newbie friendly"as possible is not always the best thing to do, you're spoonfeeding the new players at the cost of dissapointing the players that have been here for years while the new players can easily leave this server and move on whenever they want, don't make the old ones that remain do the same.
  14. Satele

    kRO Winter Update Sneak-Peek

    SE male looks like recycled gunslinger and female looks like recycled alt genetic sprite tho
  15. Satele

    How to uninstall?

    Hmm, dunno about that but a quick fix may be deleting the folder