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  1. I'm black(sic) suddenly 1000 cp.

    Guess being unable to install limitro for months was worth it

    1. Yuuki
    2. Missarya


      Hope to see you there if i can (few holidays now! :) )!


    so u guys won't change the script so that i show in the status? I think this is gonna appear again in the report center xD

    Item Name / Item ID Ancient Gold Deco/18570 Describe the bug - My AGD gives less MATK than my +4 Balloon Hat. That is not supposed to happen because Balloon hat gives 2% + 1% per 2 refine(according to @Yuuki) so my +4 Balloon Hat should only give +4% matk and thats not higher than the 8% of AGD. I might be thinking of something wrong here but 8% is definitely higher than 4% CMIIW 1. I Equip my Balloon hat as my basis for this test and check my matk it should be lower than Using AGD 2. I swap the +4 balloon hat with an AGD Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) According to in game description and kRO Divine pride Tbh I can't read alien language so I'll just imagine that 8% is still matk so Either its the in game description thats broken or the code. Your Char Name / Your Char Stats: Rashisa (you can see my stats in the print screens)
  4. roflmao actually im laughing. get destroyed woe self centered people. GL on not getting new people coz ur too arrogant. I was considering going woe but with the attitude of so called "veterans" i'd rather drop all my items than join woe kek. ggez

    1. JinToki


      Maybe you asked a wrong guild LOL

    2. Wyvernciel


      drop all ur item then..since you not going woe

    3. Amogh


      You wouldnt last 1 min on WOE anyways. So meh. Do join in and die all the time.

  5. RIP mr. feisty ahb seller. when server crashed i was like roflmao

    1. Razer


      no one cares

  6. Call (Ventus Tera Aqua Agni)

    I mean it's intended or customized? or maybe in kRO thats how it works
  7. Call (Ventus Tera Aqua Agni)

    i doubt its a bug. probably intended to be this way. I don't really see a reason to make it have a 60 second cooldown xD like with the +10 food u cant use them till u wait 60 sec
  8. Good thing I'm only concerned with PVE. xD damn son woe players bickering like little spoiled kids feeling like they own limitro or something. I wonder how lai is able to remain patient with zem fackers

  9. I miss seeing the gm's in the town :( wru guize only seen yuuki this week xD got treated to a loli 

    1. JinToki


      10 new GMs have gone LOL

    2. Deorro


      I'll try to be more active. Life is keeping me really busy nowadays! :disappointed:

  10. rofl ahb guy is back again xDDDD still op af tho, kinda missed him

  11. @Lai only male sprites get the new ab look? :/ wers gender equality!!

    1. Yuuki


      Relax...what made you assume it was males-only?

      If it's the example screenshot Lai posted that's because his avatar is a male.

    2. turnover214


      lol. im just joking i'm a guy. xD

      its just a meme!!!

      i'm loli-kun btw i like ur disguises roflmao. I'm just requesting a screenie of the female sprit too :D

  12. Since its more noticable :))

    PC>FBH pls hahahaha =)) i don't wanna make a thread sue me pls

  13. so many slots in vh omg. rip ahb seller you will not be missed.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AlisiaV


      thank god new rules, so wont monopoly spot at VH anymore haha,

    3. Tsukihiro


      I think it will also affect prices going up or down too.

  14. umarun overload XD kxVTs87.jpg

    1. turnover214
    2. kimiruru


      out of boredom Dx

    3. turnover214


      oh i didnt see the pictures before now i understand xD look so cute *u*

      i love umarun!!