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  1. Summoner's Race

    Can confirm demihuman reductions dont reduce Doram damage in WoE on official.
  2. Just saw you doing 240k on the Valk. Pretty decent. Seems like so much work though. Atleast to me RC GX seems simpler and higher deeps. Again good work on the guide.
  3. Hawk when procced out dpses whatever Applause would offer. The general combo for you would be SR-Hawk-Feint Bomb. Feint bomb scales off more dex you have. So with 200+ Dex it does a crap ton of damage. Let me link something for you. Feint bomb and SR is like the most basic AoE clear available. Triangle shot seems iffy to use since its a single target skill. But good work regardless.
  4. Gate of Hell Bonus Damage

    Following iRO has another major advantage. No gear is given out there which kro doesn't approve of. Also skill formulas are upto date and Jro has edited mechanics and skill formulas which makes it a terrible source. They have weird builds on PvM which won't be possible on kro and iRO. For example Ad on iRO/kro/and here is 1 sec fct but in jro it's 100% variable afaik. You can understand this after noticing their gears have acid bomb cast time reduction options. And closing a thread even when solid proof is given even though it's from player experience from a lot of years on RO is weird. I know Ashuckel and he explained GOH to me just like he posted. Why do you think Sura on iRO is on red HP? So that they deal 100-150k unreduced damage. 100k unreduced damage in WoE. Let that sink in and listen to the orgasms from Tao Sura. LimitRO Sura's can get 200k hp I think so the damage is much higher.
  5. Gate of Hell Bonus Damage

    The GoH damage isnt reduced on iRO WoE on higher HP RK. It one shots Taoed RKs all the time. And we are talking about 150k+ HP full redux cases too. (iRO DB RKs run higher reductions then the ones that play here. . So just do what Ashuckel says because he is more knowledgeable then the devs on iRO.. Thats a fact that the entire community agrees on iRO. TLDR: Missing HP portion will still hit you(and kill you) if you are on 100% damage reductions if you dont meet the other cases (DA, E Coat, GR)
  6. dragon breath FCT

    DB cant be insta casted And if using higher delay redux its better to not have insta so that you can chain DB faster
  7. dragon breath FCT

    Yup It was being debated a lot here So i gave up DB is 0.5 FCT only FCT reductions will never apply on VCT
  8. dragon breath FCT

    I have done some tests here and there. And DB cant be insta casted imo. The FCT reduction if %based isnt additive. Like lets say your skill has 1 sec FCT, Sacra will half it. But any other FCT % modifers will not be added to 1 sec it will be added to 0.5 And Dexboots removes the FCT of 0.5 sec already so you dont need DPCE Cast time and Fenrir card.
  9. Some WoE Suggestions

    Why not try it for once? All out chaos sounds good to me. GTB+TGK RK/RG (Pyuriel if playing EB crit) Thana+Amdarias Ranger DGK+TGK+GTB SC FBH+Fenrir+Amdarias WL 4x SK FS DB RK Some combos off the top of my head
  10. Maximum Skill Level After Skill Reset

    A lot of skill builds dont get high levels/max levels on skills. Its also on player preference what to use so its kinda iffy to be implemented. Also i totally respect you for being a lazy person and actually thought about something like thsi.
  11. Stasis

    To successfully get off a stasis is really tough since it affects allies too.
  12. Just FYI, +9 Bellum Guilliotine is better then a +20 Glorious 2H axe
  13. Gambler Seal is amazing on EB Crit RG if you know how to play around the slow cast time
  14. Why do you want the comet CD reduction? Reading Spellbook is good enough And a fully geared WL can still wipe people on WoE. And not everybody is running GTB, a lot are running GTB and even with Hagalas, RK are still food for WLs. Gambler's seal is a nice gear for Crit GX and Aspd RK's, might be good for EB-Crit RG too if geared accordingly for the lower cast time.
  15. depends if you want the slot or not. alice hat with slot lets you card that MayaP which is good for WoE or if you dont care then Atk Bapho works best