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  1. yjulius

    Donation Token NPC Bug (Mr Cash)

    UPDATE: I tried to run on my laptop for 3 days straight and the NPC gave me my DT it seems that somehow the stuck unique ID problem got solved after server restart during maintenance. Thanks!
  2. yjulius

    Donation Token NPC Bug (Mr Cash)

    Tried another run today with ANOTHER LAPTOP Mr Cash gave me my DTs So my main laptop (which was used in this screenshot) unique ID somehow got stuck and I have to use another laptop in order to get DTs.
  3. yjulius

    Donation Token NPC Bug (Mr Cash)

    it doesnt reset in my case same thing happened today tried to run with different char, same id
  4. yjulius

    Donation Token NPC Bug (Mr Cash)

    is there anyway to reset the stuck "pc" identifier? because I didnt do any other run on this pc. If this isnt resolved then I'll never be able to get DT token rewards from instances
  5. yjulius

    Donation Token NPC Bug (Mr Cash)

    Maybe the problem is with my ID? or "PC"? How did the game system identify whether I'm eligible for the reward? I did not do another run with another ID on this laptop. This is my only run, using this ID and char. If it identifies my "PC" everytime as "Already claimed this reward" then maybe my "PC" identifier got stuck or something which made it not getting reset in 18 hours.
  6. yjulius

    Donation Token NPC Bug (Mr Cash)

    Same thing happened today. I wouldnt have made this report If I already claimed the reward.
  7. I finished IS, FWN, HTF, and OGH but in the end Mr Cash did not give me Donation Tokens We were a party of 12, all online The other party members got their DTs, I am the only one bugged. I havent done the instance in 2 days so my CD is n/a. I am not using another account to do the instances on this laptop.