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  1. Stalker BG

    you just have to hold down the button for you to auto-attack. /nc or no ctrl is disabled in bg and woe.
  2. Limited Cash Shop revamp

    Yes. Will be wiped before Feb 1.
  3. Limited Cash Shop revamp

    Character Names: Mooie Ellebogen, Oneeka, Zeke Malibu How long have you been playing LimitRO? Since the beginning How long have you been a Forum member? Can’t remember as previous forum data was wiped. Is your Suggestion a duplicated one? No Have your suggestion been denied before? No Describe your suggestion What is this? Add items worth getting at the Cash Shop. Why do we have to add it? Basically because of the drastic change that will be implemented. Some people save those points for future use and forcing them to use all for something that they already have is somewhat pointless. Who will benefit this? All Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? The server has been around for years and i do hope you realize and consider that there are people who spent lots of hours in this game.
  4. Mora Quest bug

    This was possibly part of the wiped quests. Just re-do the whole mora dragon thing and it should work out fine.
  5. Where can I get Vajra and Well chewed pencil

    Vajra ce can be obtained through the Battlegrounds war box while the well chewed pencil is available on the harbor npc itself. Iirc it’s the deluxe hat npc.
  6. Invisible deco stone

    There’s one for garment but exclusively for donators. For aura, there’s already an invisible one.
  7. soul linker only lvl 99?

    You can. Just grind a few more and you’ll level to 100.
  8. Sign of Decade doesnt work on Siege White Potion

    You’re in town. Test in gvg/woe map.
  9. Proyablem went on vacation? 🤔

  10. [Anniversary Event] Dear Limit RO

    #37 Forum Name: Stinson, Character: Zeke Malibu
  11. Tag, You're It!


    IGN: Gosei Happy 8th, LimitRO! <3

    minimize the first window you're on before logging in the new one?
  13. Central Laboratory [140+]

    or just use a website like this: