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  1. [Anniversary Event] Dear Limit RO

    #37 Forum Name: Stinson, Character: Zeke Malibu
  2. Tag, You're It!


    IGN: Gosei Happy 8th, LimitRO! <3

    minimize the first window you're on before logging in the new one?
  4. Central Laboratory [140+]

    or just use a website like this:
  5. Applause Sandals

    one week rest for you too, sire. D: not even a bit surprised.
  6. Infinite Dungeon Warp Bug

    should have resu'd that rk. not sure what's behind this but once a char afks on the entrance spot (see rk), people won't be able to pass through (happens most of the time). but ya, a bug.
  7. BG AFK Farming

  8. BG AFK Farming

    Char Name: (simply write down the full name of the player): Shadow Chaser Lenoj Violation of Rule: (highlight which rule the player has violated) Evidence: (Provide as many screenshots as possible to defend your report) Funny this is, after some time, he moves and does his manhole crap and pretend it's lag.
  9. My screen focus when into a different angel.

    uhh, press ctrl + right click and/or shift+right click. you should be able to adjust the angle view.
  10. Admiral NPC Identify All Bug

    I think this happens when you have a lot of stuff in your inventory. Happened to me a few times as well. 0 proof man.
  11. Interference gameplay in WoE

    and your grf is legal? :x i thought you know all stuff. there's @noask /otl
  12. Endless Tower Bugs

    LOL. is this your first time finishing the instance up until Entweihen(nab spell)? if yes, you'll be warped out after you talk to the NPC. once you're in Alberta, warp back to Endless tower floor 1, use the Ashes of Darkness to get to floor 76. Climb your way to 100th floor.
  13. Unable to move items into storage

    have you checked if your storage item is < 30,000? maximum quantity per item in storage is 30,000.
  14. Chatroom GM Impersonation Attempt

    i wonder if you got his "you're from asia, right?" spiel. LOL. too bad no active GMs online.