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  1. Delete Char

    login to your limit-ro account website, check the email address (complete including or w/e), type it on the deletion text box.
  2. Sign of Decade doesnt work on Siege White Potion

    You’re in town. Test in gvg/woe map.
  3. Proyablem went on vacation? 🤔

  4. [Anniversary Event] Dear Limit RO

    #37 Forum Name: Stinson, Character: Zeke Malibu
  5. Tag, You're It!


    IGN: Gosei Happy 8th, LimitRO! <3

    minimize the first window you're on before logging in the new one?
  7. Central Laboratory [140+]

    or just use a website like this:
  8. Hanggang online gaming kasi pinapairal ang pagiging utak talangka. Tapos kapag tinulungan naman aabuso. I for one help those newbies mapa-pinoy man o hindi. Ang problema, lumalabas ang pagiging greedy ng mga ito. Imbis na tulungan mo, ang gusto maging PVM slave ka na nila. Hingi na ng items dito at doon kahit na sila na nagloloot (ex. Endless Tower run) sa lahat.
  9. Applause Sandals

    one week rest for you too, sire. D: not even a bit surprised.
  10. Howdy~

    yup it does work with skills as well. imo, i don't think farming with doram would be the most efficient one tho, but yeah, hope you get a good yield from farming using that class. If you need some help, i am most of the time near the Asgard right-side boat.
  11. Howdy~

    Dracula card is a good investment overall especially for farming. You can use it for almost any class. If you do not have enough resources, you can slap in cards that drain sp depending on mobs such as Beetle King, Caterpillar or Earth Deleter.
  12. Howdy~

    Hello there and welcome to Limit. hope you're enjoying the doram set so far as starter eq.
  13. Infinite Dungeon Warp Bug

    should have resu'd that rk. not sure what's behind this but once a char afks on the entrance spot (see rk), people won't be able to pass through (happens most of the time). but ya, a bug.