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  1. Alice Lacroix

    Disable @noks command at Gladiator

    @Lai Not just for 1, its for all regular monster since this is an event. Even though MvP's are exempted at this command. Using a @noks command during the tournament maybe considered as abuse or not? For me, its an abuse in my own opinion. A certain random player can't even get a score because another player is using that command during the Gladiator event. Who else would be benefit for the score? all players for even more challenging fight but not using the @noks command when the event starts.
  2. @Lai Is there a chance to disable @noks command at the Gladiator area? This is a tournament for all players competing to get a highest score, and some random players are using that command (This isn't a give and take tournament situation). That would be my suggestion. If not then its ok.
  3. Alice Lacroix


    Better prolly fix the OTG Card. I've check also the Hit+25 status rate and it doesn't add up on to the hit status.
  4. Alice Lacroix

    Make a Video

    Can't play. Youtube removed the video. It has a copyright issue on your BGM and it was claimed by Avex Entertainment, Inc.
  5. Alice Lacroix

    Make a Video

    @SacredAxe Is that Ookabe Keichii's song entitled "Vague Hope" from the OST NieR Automata? I noticed that song when I played your video. I'm a PS4 gamer too
  6. Alice Lacroix

    Make a Video

    Character Name: Margarette Lacroix Link: Short Description: Episode 14.3 Instances in 1 video with a time limit of 9:59. @Lai Almost 1 second to get the 10:00 time limit. Does this Count :D?? I've skip and quickly fast-forward the other parts of the video to get exactly right. EDIT: These are the BGM's that I've edited, cut and sync through.
  7. Alice Lacroix


    @TamirMufasa @Zombie
  8. Alice Lacroix


  9. Alice Lacroix


  10. Alice Lacroix

    Make a Video

    @Lai Nice one. I would like to participate in this event.
  11. Alice Lacroix


    @Yuuki One thing I've noticed. I've double checked the equipment again and only using Turtle General Card compounded with no Ominous Turtle General Card equipped on it. The result: the same as the one I have posted on the TG/OTG Combo. 11-12k of damage. The combo effects aren't working and Definitely not right on the damage.
  12. Alice Lacroix


    @Yuuki So, I have this +14 Carga Mace and +9 Valkyrja's Shield that i'm using now. Here's the difference: White Knight Card + Khalitzburg Knight Card Combo. Skill used: Cart Cannon As shown on the SS, the damage ranges up from 12-13k with just regular buffs and two equipment's handed on my Gene. While the Turtle General Card and Ominous Turtle General Card ranges up to only 11-12k with just regular buffs and only two equipment's handed on my Gene. Quite low it seems. Ominous Turtle General Card (Reduces damage taken from all size monsters by 25%, DEF+30, MDEF +5), should be intact with the Turtle General Card Combo. I didn't feel the damage at all. Together with the Turtle General Card Combo, It should be an additional 20% increase on physical damage inflicted to all size monsters, +25 of HIT points, and Reduces damage taken from all size monsters by 5%. P.S. I wanna thank to that gene from Baskin Robbins who lend me this kk+wk card in times of need.
  13. Alice Lacroix


    Is Valk Shield ok then +14 Carga Mace for testing?? i'll volunteer.
  14. Although the limit of holding the zeny is only 1 billion as shown on the SS, It should be working and getting points from the achievement and also I have some Zeny Coin (Gold) at my inventory. but its not triggering the reward.
  15. Alice Lacroix


    @Lai @[email protected] Please help us on this problem. I've got this card yesterday and this is how the result was. Thank you for the concern.