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  1. Zombie

    Useless Cards For Something Useful

    Im 100% sure it will hurt economy. This server has been therr for 10yrs or so. Easily the cards out there would be atleast 100k to 1M pcs. Also old card album doesnt even cost that much Play some more and youll see how easy it is to farm. No need to add this feature.
  2. plz vote:


  3. Would suggest it to be like lv5 is baseline. So that means level 6-10 still has downgrade chance but lowest it can get is lv5..
  4. Zombie

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    +1. Cart cannon gene is not that OP tbh. My maxed out gene cant out damage rangers SS build (+11 set).
  5. Zombie


    This would be convenient haha. I made SE and its quite playable but yeah the miracle part is annoying compared to other jobs who doesnt have "pre-req" skills to use their main skills.
  6. I voted no and no i dont buy those stuff. Earns too low. Not even worth the time to do. Quoting myself: Allow them to make mistakes. Its part of the game.
  7. -1 no one forced those "newbies" to sell the item. Therefore its not bad. Ignorance is no excuse. Experience is important. You dont adjust every little mechanics for the sake of "newbies" not making mistakes.
  8. Zombie

    reduce the CP for refine ticket +11

    Why the need to buy +11 ticket now? I mean even you lower it. By 50%? Refine tickets +9 = 3vips. Safe refine ore x2 =20vips Max cost is 23vips. Thats assuming you would refine +10 to +11 using safe refine ore (normally you shouldnt).
  9. Zombie

    Episode 17.2 Varmundt's Mansion

    I want those cardsss!!! 🤤
  10. Zombie


    Better ask this on discord: https://discord.gg/5h8fGC
  11. Zombie

    Ring of Jupiter add to Gladiator

    Very very OP. Damn hahaha.
  12. Please increase monsters dropping Mighty Soul Essence or increase drop rate. Currently only phreeoni, moonlight and basco drops this. Mighty Soul Essence is essential for pet evolution and right now its too few.
  13. Zombie

    Introduce DT on BG

    AFK-ing in BG has serious consequences and wether or not DT or CP is implemented, the AFK-ers will be there. Thats why im proposing a reward system that requires you to invest time to get and not a "per game DT" reward.
  14. Zombie

    Introduce DT on BG

    +1 but I suggest for BG1 only. BG2 is pretty much alive everyday because its way easier to farm there and there's also chance to get war badge. BG1 on the otherhand is dead because the time to finish 1 game is atleast 10mins and the reward does not reciprocate. Lai removed CP rewards from gladiator because of implementing of God Item Crafting. Maybe BG1 is a good alternative for this. Like win 50 battles get 10 CP. Win 100 battles get 50 CP.