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  1. Zombie

    Daily Reward Reworks

    Feel free to add more suggestions on rewarding. I totally forgot the hopeful scrolls. Well general idea is to give better rewards for players that plays daily and stays. 😉
  2. Zombie

    Daily Reward Reworks

    Suggesting to redo our current daily reward: Instead of just daily, we do a progressive type of rewarding. Here's the suggestion: Tier 1 Day 1 - Battle Manual x3 Day 2 - Old Card Album x1 Day 3 - Lucky Coin (Bronze) x10 Day 4 - Zeny Coin (Bronze) x1 Day 5 - Refine Armor +7 Day 6 - Refine Weapon +7 Day 7 - Marhaval Potion Tier 2 (If you were able to log in for 1 week straight) Day 1 - Battle Manual 150% x2 Day 2 - Old Card Album x3 Day 3 - Lucky Coin (Silver) x5 Day 4 - Zeny Coin (Bronze) x3 Day 5- Refine Armor +8 Day 6- Refine Weapon +8 Day 7 - Cash Point Coin x5 Tier 3 (If you were able to log in for 2 weeks straight) Day 1 - Bubble Gum 100% x1 Day 2 - Mystical Card Album x1 Day 3 - Lucky Coin (Silver) x10 Day 4 - Zeny Coin (Silver) x1 Day 5 - Refine Armor +9 Day 6 - Refine Weapon +9 Day 7 - Cash Point Coin x10 Day 8- Bloody Branch x3 Day 9 - Token of Seigfried x1 Day 10 - HD Elunium x1 Day 11 - HD Oridecon x1 Day 12 - Event Scroll (Large) x1 Day 13 - Giant Fly Wing Box x1 Day 14 - Exclusive Costume Box x1 * You stay at Tier 3 for as long as you can log in 1hr daily straight. * If you miss a day, your current tier goes back 1 level and starts from day 1. * Items are just example and can be changed. Benefits: More player gonna want to log in daily, hence more players! Cheers.
  3. Zombie

    Change PvP settings in normal

    - 1 1) First complain, mage are useless in pvp/woe, nerf gtb. 2) Reduce demi to 99% then 98% then now you want 85%? Make it 85% I can assure you its gonna be 1 hit game. Everybody going to play hitter class. 3) Make doram player?, after making it player, complain that its too squishy? Or that it deals no damage? 4) Make long range reduce to 85%? Whats next to reduce? all element reduction 85% too cuz magic type so OP? 5) Put delay on Body relocate? Then next to complain is players who play sura. "put delay on AD, put delay on PP, put delay on DD, put delay etc etc" Damn, theres hardly any people in PVP and yet theres so many changes that wants to be made. Its a never ending cycle. Change this one, after 1 month another suggestion to change other game mechanics. 🤣
  4. Zombie

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    Just add reduction to short range damage... Just like magic or long range. That would lessen the damage from GX's Cross Impact.
  5. Zombie

    Silk WoE is no longer Silk WoE

    I dont play silk woe so I cant really relate much but if your concern is its being a one shot fest then why not just adjust the damage reduction in silk woe? Current reduction is: Short Attack Damage Rate: 0% Long Attack Damage Rate: -15% Weapon Skill Damage Rate: -60% Magic Skill Damage Rate: -40% Misc Skill Damage Rate: -50% If magic is the problem then make magic reduction at - 60%/70%. Cuz without GTB, even if youre at full resist. Magic will be broken AF
  6. Dear Sir,

    i am fascinated by your post on Gene,

    I just started to play in Limitro and i have been trying to get the gears as per recommended.

    But even with kiel and dex 120+20 i am still unable to do insta cast on Cart Cannon. 

    Is there any recommendationm from u?


    1. Alice Lacroix

      Alice Lacroix

      Applause +16 equipped with Amon Ra Card. And thats the only one left in order for you to no cast on your CC.

      If you can't afford to buy/get on Golden Wings +16 EA10, you can still use your FAW+9 EA10, the one you have right now. That would do.



    2. Zombie


      Alice is right, 

      You could also put 2x sapphire wrist in your acce to improve stats. 

      Ill find time to update my guide real soon! 😉

  7. Zombie

    Vending Limit Increase to 2B

    Hi Ink, I dont really understand what you are saying but my suggestion is when we are vending max price we can put in is still 1B. Example wanted to sell a TGK for 1.5b, i couldnt do it bec the cap is at 1b for VH. Hope this helps
  8. Zombie


    I think this wont be approved. Lai doesnt want any recycle regarding donation.
  9. Zombie

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    I bet chris' gene can beat all sura out there too. 😂 If your sura beats his gene then ill change my vote to "nerf sura"
  10. Zombie

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    SC can easily beat sura if played well... I know Gon can beat any sura out there. Sura is strong but not unbeatable.
  11. Zombie

    Nerf Sura and Skill "Gates of Hell"

    Wow he wrote all that to point out sura is op.... 😲
  12. Hi how much for boitata?

    1. Zombie


      Done deal. Thanks bro

  13. Zombie

    Dont reset Deep Sea during maintenance

    I suggest to keep deep sea open forever. Real suggestion. Like every other NPC thats crafts equips is available anytime. Even limitless island which is the current end game. So I still dont understand the need to have this closed half of the month. Is it bec it follows official or is it because keeping it open is impossible? 😵
  14. Zombie

    LimitRO 17.1? Or stay 16.2?

    Progression is a must else you lose many players after a while. But, i like to keep the progression slow and steady. We just had a new big update (green mvp), and new items to craft. I would think some items are not even crafted yet. So delaying the update is ok. Also, Idk about others but most of the people i know doesnt have much time to grind and make new sets/builds