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  1. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

    Xmas Facebook Live Event Winners

    How about other???? U not give them someting?
  2. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

    Gepard Shield Crash - After Maintenance

    Redownload full installer.... But still crashhh... Wot de fak. RIP
  3. AFTER Maintenance, RIP ... Cant LOG IN


  4. play no play no play no play no play no play no play no playboy.

  5. WTF Man I CANT LOG IN !!!!!

  6. That patch ,.................. So anoyying


  7. 1k CP?????

    Drunk punch..


    1. Milette


      AFAIK you can sell your items and even account legally for $$$ now. It was a few months ago when Lai said it's allowed to do that, so you may want to earn a few real-life bucks that you can use for real-life items (food? booze? etc) before quitting. And I think Steam sale is still ongoing!

    2. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

      Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

      Game just a game... Just enjoy the game... 

  8. Hi GM.... Why can't redempt DP hat, mid and low donation to Cash Point?????

    1. Hilmir


      Do you have 150 Limit merit badges?

    2. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

      Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

      Yea, but that quest make me lazy.... Quest all char, log in log out log in log out log in log out log in log out... 

    3. Creeper


      damn, same here.. so tedious.. It's like " /pif I paid for this! Why am I doing such tedious task just to convert?! /an ". I asked in-game and they said it takes 9 chars for a 1day to get full 150 merit badge (I forgot the exact thought but damn really?)?!

  9. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

    LimitRO 2016 Client Features

    OMG.... WHY SPRITE ERRORRRRRRR....... -.- Rest in Peace again
  10. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

    KVM / BG

    -1000% f0r this... n0 need CHANGE...
  11. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

    Hi, my name is Jeff

    hi, my name is brad pitt.
  12. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

    Reduce guarantee ticket price

    i wanna : +9 = 25 vip +8 = 15 vip +7 = 7vip Thx
  13. Dafi Hoka Hoka Bento

    Update Castle Treasures Drops

    +1 for this. but first, GM must reset invest all castle WOE.