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  1. Easter Egg Decoration

    IGN: lxxSTRIKERxxl Process (1st and 2nd Pic) (3rd Pic is the Final):
  2. laiiiiii why is the server still down? ?

  3. +1 We need this implemented since we are an official/up-to-date server
  4. Couple's Memory

    xxIronManxx & o AngelFire o Combo Name: The angel with her Knight in shining wings Love Advise: I'll stand by you. No matter what.
  5. Lover's Witness

    @Yuuki When you say unique ID is like 1 married char per IP address?
  6. Halloween Cauldron


    I'm signing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: Boy Panday In. Point: Day 1: 100 Day 2: 40 Day 3: 600 Day 4: 800 Day 5: 400 Day 6: 120 Day 7: 130 Day 8: 135 Day 9: 550 Day 10: 120 Day 11: 1000 Day 12: 1760 Day 14: 590 Total: 6345 Reward Given
  7. Me too. I can't connect to the game   -_-  What's happening??

  8. +1. This will bring the SG population back in the LimitRO world if implemented.
  9. Is it maintenance now? Why am I getting "Failed to connect to server" when I try to log in??

    1. S e n t i m e n t a L

      S e n t i m e n t a L

      Try go your limit ro folder. Then look for iro.exe. Run it. 

    2. GentatsU
    3. S e n t i m e n t a L
  10. Summer Poke GO 2016

    Ingame Name: lxxSTRIKERxxl Share Link: Names of Friends (10x) you poked: Jedz Sombilon, Francis Bunda, Lee Yap Sedayon, Jeagoi Sombilon Genilla, Ivan D. Azero, Miguel Pacheco, Andrea P. Alamillo, Adrian Agsam Jaculina, Kevin Yee Jaboneta, Christiann Hiponia A summer Greetings: It's summer! Good times and tan lines!
  11. On Limit Group, so we will still do the Sarah's Memory 3x and only get 5 points?

  12. Ramadan Moubarak

    The Mad Scientist is the NPC on your left when you get warped to Yuno, right? But why is it taking forever to talk to him to get the deym flashlight. Please help.
  13. Hat of the Sun God [1] bug

    Please help. The non-slot and slotted version of the Hat of the Sun God has the same stat bonus (STR +3 and INT +2) BUT why does ratemyserver and wiki say that the SLOTTED version should have "STR +3 and INT +2. ATK and MATK +10. When refined to +7, Additional ATK and MATK +15. " I also a slotted version being vended but with just "STR +3 and INT +2" stat bonus? Is there a bug or discrepancy here? I've also attached the screenshots I've made. Thanks so much in advance.
  14. Be our partner! =D

    Thanks soooo much GM