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  1. lDomizoNl


    https://cp.playragnarokzero.com/item/view/?id=24040 https://www.limitro.com/item/view/?id=24040 without the shadow armor: with shadow armor: Effect:
  2. lDomizoNl


    i know kiel can't stack with kiel. i want it too on sealed kiel. don't stack sealed kiel too
  3. lDomizoNl


    i just want it as same as Kiel Card with restriction. NO STACKING KIEL or NO STACKING S.KIEL.
  4. lDomizoNl

    make gemstones with perfect hit parameters

    +1 to other job
  5. lDomizoNl


    Suggesting to add restriction to Sealed Kiel Card just like Kiel Card. We're the only server(i think) that have restriction to Kiel card so why not with sealed Kiel? - We added restriction to Kiel card 5 years ago because to promote balance and for anti-macro users so they won't abuse it. - Anti-afk farmers.
  6. lDomizoNl

    Kiel Pet

    @Emistry @Lai
  7. lDomizoNl

    Kiel Pet

    Hit+ 18 and physical dmg increase 5% doesn't work. Before i use Kiel pet damage test: Item Description of the Pet: Damage Test w/ Kiel pet( no hit+18 and no dmg boost):
  8. lDomizoNl

    Unattaching Gemstones from CE

    ^THIS but 1vip for 100% safe unattach is not fair coz 1vip is the cost already to unattach..maybe like 3-5vip(w/o zeny fee) is reasonable.
  9. lDomizoNl

    Unattaching Gemstones from CE

    that's gonna cost more,so ppl got 5pc ce with the same gemstone? that's a waste then, rather make it safe to unattach to save materials/time.
  10. lDomizoNl

    Unattaching Gemstones from CE

    Topic Name : Safe Unattaching Gemstone and CE Character Names: Describe your suggestion What is this? make unattaching gemstone safe for ce and gemstone, just add more fee for it. Why do we have to add it? coz ce are hard to make/get and sometimes its a requirement for making another ce. Who will benefit this? EVERYONE Will this change the system drastic? HELL NO!! Room for improvement? don't charge zeny when unattaching..making ce for 100m+mats is already too much Other
  11. lDomizoNl

    The Winner Of 100 cp From lai

    ya..i didn't get it too
  12. lDomizoNl

    The Winner Of 100 cp From lai

  13. lDomizoNl

    Rk phantom thrust

    did you test this in woe? coz if u did, it won't work..it's disabled in woe.
  14. lDomizoNl

    Wish You A Merry Christmas

    Character Name: dOmizOn FB link:
  15. lDomizoNl

    ATK+2% or ATK+10 which one is better?

    it depends..if u got low refine weapon or low atk,+ATK is better . . .and i u got higher refine weapon or high atk, go ATK%.